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Last scheduled meeting before our departure

This Mission Project is atypical for our church.Normally, there is a little more lead time, and there is often more planning than this one, but since we'll be going with Habitat, we'll be working their program and they've pretty much laid out what we have to do once we get there.However, we know that things are fluid, and we talked about our expectations of God, our Team, and the project.We're well aware that our goal in going to work in the Katrina-affected area is to serve God. That means that in whatever shape or form our assistance is best needed, we want to help. We hope and plan for that to be actual construction work, but whatever is in store for us, we will adapt.But also, we're there to serve in the name of God. It's more than a service project, or an act of charity; we're going down to help in the name of Jesus. That means that as much as we'll be working, we'll be praying for the region, our co-workers, etc. while we're working. We…

Prep and Stuff

Mailing out Prayer Letters As our departure date is coming up rather quickly, this was one of our first and few meetings before the actual trip. Most of our meeting was administrative, incuding printing and stuffing envelopes.We only have a few weeks to plan and meet before we leave, and with Easter in the middle.Editor's Note:This is my first mission with Evergreen SGV, and to be quite honest, didn't realize how much prep work there was to be done.One of the points of review was to go over results from a Personality test. The purpose of the tests is for us as individuals, and then subsequently as team members to know ourselves. The better we know ourselves, the better we'll be able to contribute and cooperate.An excerpt from our materials follows:Go to
(Click on “Do It)Complete the test and click on “Score it!”Print out both type descriptionsHighlight the parts that feel explain you bestGo to to http://www.personalitytype.c…

Team Prayer Letter

Hurricane Katrina Recovery Project Gautier, Mississippi
April 21st - 28th, 2007

It seems like an eternity ago that hurricane Katrina unleashed indescribable devastation upon the Gulf Coast in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida. Thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed and thousands of people were left homeless. Evergreen Baptist Church, San Gabriel Valley extended offers at that time to assist in the form of sending volunteers to help rebuild along with monetary contributions to fund relief efforts. After a season of waiting, God’s timing and plan for us is such that our offer has now been accepted!In partnership with American Baptist Churches USA (ABC-USA) and Habitat for Humanity (HFH), Evergreen Baptist Church of SGV will be sending a team of ten men to assist in the rebuilding efforts to provide homes for those in need along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. The team will fly down and stay at the Salvation Army Volunteer Village for seven days while working on the construction…

And So It Begins...

This is our first project with Habitat for Humanity as SGV. We had done some prior projects with Habitat when we were a combined church...We'd been waiting for a while for this one to get started, many folks were ready and waiting.. and now.. the waiting is over.Here We Go.This first team that we're sending out consists of 10 men.Why 10? Why Men? Because that's the way it worked out.. and we had hoped to have an opportunity for the men to work together and serve side by side. If we want men to be better leaders, then all the more we should give them opportunities to lead the way.The goal is that this will be a pilot group and in the future, we will be able to send other teams sponsored by our church.