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2007 Team Note

Editor's Note about Dennis
I'm taking the time to make a note about Dennis, pictured here.. He's a good guy, and I always smile when I see him at church.Dennis was our team leader for the 2007 team, our church's first team. Going into uncharted waters, he led our team with grace, humor and strength.I had the time to talk with him about his reasoning and timing for the trip. We both had commented that we were able bodied and available during the time of the trip, so why not go?For the sake of Dennis' privacy, I don't want to get into the details, but I found out later that Dennis had recently recovered from dealing with cancer, was able to lead our team, and then after returning from Mississippi, had another physical battle. If you saw the guy, or even worked alongside him, you would have never knew. But all during the mission in Biloxi, he had a window where he was able to respond perfectly to God's call.If he hadn't trusted in God, and God's timin…

Welcome Home!

Finished 2007 Home Dennis, our leader for the project, received an email from Bracky, our foreman for the project. What a difference a few months make. It's nice to know it's complete. We have no idea who worked on it after us, but with all the volunteers making their respective efforts, we all were able to make a home. It's just one, but it'll matter to the ones that live there. We hope they'll have a home of blessing, love and hope. We hope that no matter where their lives lead, that they'll know that many people, including a team from a church in Southern California, wanted the best for them. They should know that they will not be forsaken by God or even their fellow men. God bless you guys.