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Something about Dennis-A note from Steve

As you well know, Dennis Cho was a significant man with a significant impact on this team. Even more so for his close friends. Dennis and Steve had grown close over the years prior to our first trip, becoming good friends, as well as serving on the church board and co-laborers on our first trip. they were such good friends that Steve was given the honor of giving a sarcastic, yet funny and touching eulogy/remembrance at Dennis' funeral a few months ago. When asked for any team members to offer their thoughts about Dennis, Steve submitted this:DENNIS I am actually a little sick and very tired of hearing about Dennis. Yes, it is true that Dennis was a great leader amongst leaders at the first Mississippi Gulfcoast short term missions trip. But look at the guys that went with him; a chimp could have led them successfully. And seeing him every single week at church; I knew he was suffering so profoundly. Yet he always had that goofy smile on his face and talked about being so th…

Couple notes from our newbies-Rich and Brent

Richard Inouye and Brent Kajikawa are first timers to this mission. They share their thoughts with us as we begin our preparation for the trip. "Current situations in my life have made me reflect on all that God has provided for me and has made me think of how I can give back to those in need. I feel a deep sense of gratitude that God has given me this opportunity and I look forward to what he has to teach me." - Richard"Being a first timer on any short term missions trip, my initial thought was I hope there are guys on this team that I know and like. After really thinking about why I wanted to go to Katrina, I could only come up with 1 good answer. To listen and to follow God always. God has chosen this team for his purposes. All we can do is listen and do what he asks." - Brent

The 2009 Katrina Gulf Coast Relief Team (KGCRT)

From Katrina 2009 Team Katrina 2009 Team: (L to R) Art Fong, Craig Kakihara, Baldwin Chan, Gary Murakami, Randy Gee, Tommy Yamada, James So, Keith Fukuyama, Mo Nakatsui, Steve Ogata, Ward Shigemoto, Eric Jue, Jeff Leung, Brent Kajikawa, Kelly Chan, Roy Noritake, Rich Inouye, Peter Lau (Front Row: Duane Takayama, Chris Chan, Kevin Yeh, Albert Wang) Thanks to Art for taking the pics (and photoshopping in the front four) :) This will be our largest team sent to date. Currently hovering just over 20, we have great hopes of having an impact on the situation in the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We'll be going the last week of April, and more information will be posted her soon, but just wanted to show you the team. Just remember, for every person listed here, are a number of supporters and well wishers. We hope we can carry your prayers and thoughts to the people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast

DC Hammer returns... in memoriam

Tommy Yamada, charter member of this effort, will be returning this year for his third trip. He writes about his good friend, Dennis Three years ago, our first Katrina Gulf Coast relief Team was led by a dear friend and brother in Christ, Dennis Cho. He was feeling relatively well after recovering from kidney cancer. Grateful to God, he seized the opportunity to lead EBCSGV’s first team to Mississippi. Last year, his cancer returned and he was unable to go back to Mississippi. In his honor we brought back the hammer that was given to him as a thank you gift for his exemplary leadership. We named it DC Hammer and we hammered nails in his honor as he was in the midst of a courageous battle with the kidney cancer. Sadly, this year DC Hammer will return, but we will be hammering in memory of him, as Dennis went home to be with the Lord on December 26, 2008 Dennis is survived by his loving wife Virginia and son Kevin. He shared many a good talks with many of us from a bench in fron…

2008 - Presentation

Thanks to Mathias for taking some pictures at our presentation last year. Didn't realized he had posted them, we should have shared them with you :)