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Katrina 2009 - Footage from both groups

Chris and Keith's group raising walls Craig and Tommy's group raising the roof

Katrina 2009-Reflections by Keith

From Katrina 2009 Team Keith was one of our four (Chris, Craig, Keith and Tommy) co-leaders on the team. He worked with Chris on the team that saw the most dramatic work, from cinderblocks to four raised walls. We cheered them on as they saw the fruits of their hard labor. Keith also was one of the cornerstone teachers for our devotionals. My final thoughts from the "Go with the Mo" groupThis week was a real testament to God's provision and power. To be able to take a group of 21 individual men and transform them into a loving and caring support team was an incredible sight to see. The construction aspect of this trip seems insignificant in contrast to the building up of the relationships that occurred and the example of Christ's love that was displayed. Even though we sweated through the heat and humidity, pounded a gazillion nails, and finally came to that point of utter exhaustion, I would sign up for this mission trip again in a heartbeat! This "band…

Katrina 2009-Reflections by Art

From Katrina 2009 Team On this second trip, Art once again worked hard on the roof (and this roof was steeper), but also pulled double duty by shooting most of the pictures you see in our photo gallery. His real character showed throughout the week, with his honest, humble sharing in the devotional times, and taking the time to talk and care for the people he would meet This being my second trip to Katrina, I knew what the job entailed in terms of working on the job site. I wasn't looking forward to the hard work and aching muscles afterwards, but knew in my mind that a deserving family would be living in the house I helped build. On occasion we would work alongside family members putting in their hours towards home ownership. Not much socializing went on because we were focused on building a house. During dinner one night we heard that a Habitat family would be joining us one evening during the week. Habitat staff tries to invite future homeowners to join volunteers for d…

Katrina 2009-Reflections by Steve

From Katrina 2009 Team Steve, Steve, Steve... Steve was one of the four men that has worked on the Katrina Missions for all three of our trips. His energetic and enthusiastic work ethic, combined with a sarcastic wit and a caring heart when he wonders if his words went too far, make him an integral part of our team. If you're ever wondering who writes the funnier and sometimes oddly worded captions for the photos, it's probably this guy. No matter what the situation on these trips, he's always kept on target with our goals, helping people, leaning on God for assistance and serving people with God's help and led by His spirit. KATRINA SHORT TERM MISSIONS OVERVIEW Even though we are one team of 21 guys, we were split into two main groups, Keith/Chris’s Team and Craig/Tommy’s Team. And within these teams, depending upon the task, we were divided again and then reconstituted when the job was complete and re-divided and reformed for the next. It made for a quite diverse …

coming home. last leg. everyone talking about seeing their families.


2009 05 03-In Biloxi Airport

We're just about to take off from Biloxi, but here's some pictures of the day so far Katrina 2009 05 03-Depart Biloxi Return to LAX

chris washes the window three blocks before we return the cars


2009 05 02-Last day of work

Katrina 2009 05 02-Last day of workKatrina 2009 05 02-Debrief and regroup at antioch We're done! We're coming home! And personally, I couldn't be more proud of my team. Although the sore muscles would make you think otherwise,if you look at a calendar, we were only able to work five days. But let me say that each and every day, everyone gave their all in every aspect of this mission. These men left their homes, families and jobs with the goal of aiding some people in dire need, and to do so in a way that honored God both by giving Him credit for their strength and motivation, but also in more subtle ways by being His ambassadors. Together as 21 men, we built a house. Truthfully, because of the size of our group, and the needs that were present, we worked on three houses. One where we finished the paint and insulation, one where we put a roof entirely on, and one where we started from nothing and put up everything except for the roof. I saw our men not bat an eye when …

Eating with Alex and PJ

From Katrina 2009 Team This is Mo's 3rd of our (so far) three trips to Biloxi. This time, at SUMA, the temporary home for habitat volunteers, he had an interesting encounter. At the construction site we were told that there was a possibility that a future Habitat for Humanity homeowner might be eating dinner with us. They told us to be a little considerate and not bombard them all at once. I hoped to be able to shower before dinner, but we got back after 5 and dinner was at 5:30 (others were already using the shower). So, I did the best that I could to wash my face and make myself presentable in the dirty clothes I was wearing. I figured there would be little chance that I would be able to sit with one of them anyway, but God had other plans. When I got my meal, surprisingly there was a seat next to a little boy and a woman who apparently was his mother. So, thinking that God had plans for me to sit there I put my tray down. Eric, Chris and Gary were already at the table sitting …

2009 05 01-Morning Devotional and 4th day of work.

Morning Devotional The day began with our morning devotional by Randy, who asked us to see how we might be different than the other groups that are working here. There could be a difference, or none at all It was noted not only that we stay up later, but there is a camaraderie, our times of worship and teaching, and we're all asian. We should also try to be intentional and take opportunities to make a difference, no matter how small, no matter how great. We should try to make a difference. Work Day More commentary and videos soon. Just.. we gotta sleep sometime :) Some of the guys who have the stuff we need to post are in small group right now, so it'll have to wait for a bit.. but check back.. We're going to focus a bit more on Chris and Keith's group today for two reasons. One, the blogger/photographer/videographer types are on the other team, and we want to be fair. The second is that THEY RAISED THEIR WALLS!! :) One aspect that is especially nice, and…

jeff and craig

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Start of a new day

It's our last official work day, but we'll be working tomorrow anyway Pray for good weather as we'll be either on the roof or exposed to the elements with a house without walls. Also, some of the guys are being carried more by enthusiasm and team spirit and want to make sure they don't get run down. Hearing some coughs in the group.. :( Thanks again