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Katrina 2009-Reflections from Team Leader Craig

With the trip over and the dust settled, Craig made some notes about the team. On behalf of the team members, thanks once again Craig. Great job! As I reflect back on this year’s Katrina Gulf Coast Relief Team experience, I thank God for his faithfulness and care over our entire team. I was truly impressed at the way God took 21 guys and formed one cohesive unit. During pre-trip planning meetings, we focused more on building team unity via small groups and less on logistics. I know God honored our planning because we were fully prepared to do the work required, and then some. On our last night in Mississippi, the Lord gave me a verse that sums up the collective attitude of our team: Matthew 5:16: In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. Through seemingly routine acts of helpfulness, kindness, and plain old hard work, our team lived out this verse and I’m certain that it caused others to praise God. H…

Presentation this Sunday!

Thanks again for all your support. Sorry I didn't remember to put this up sooner, but we'll be having a presentation this Sunday, June 14th, at our church, Evergreen SGV, immediately following our 11am service. A Big Old Meal will be provided, as well as a slide show and Q&A with some (believe, me, you don't want to hear all 21) of our team. We'd love to see you. Thanks again