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Day 7 Pictures

Seventh day photo slideshow

Day 6 Pictures

Sixth day photo slideshow

Home sweet home

Home safe!  We just landed at LAX.  Thanks everyone for praying for us.  A special thanks to those who came to greet us, it feels great to be welcomed home.

Pictures from our last days coming soon.  So check back again.

Return Flight

We're comig home.  All safe ad sound an ready to be back in LA.  The team is happy to be returning to loved ones, but will miss Mississippi.

Co-ed Arrival Info

If you wish to welcome the team home again....
The Coed team arrives Sunday Apr 10 at 525p at LAX
Continental Flt 2555/795 Gulfport - Houston - LAX

Katrina Co-Ed Commissioning

A little late, but just wanted to make sure you had access to Daryl's photos from the commissioning at church The team's on the road right now, and these shots are from a week ago, hours before they left for Biloxi. Right now, they're meeting at Antioch house

Click here for the photos

Day 5 Pictures

Fifth day photo slideshow

What I learned from Camp Victor...

Thoughts, lessons, memories, and simple reflections... MathiasI learned that you can't judge a book by its cover; Camp Victor may not look like much on the outside, but it is a place that many many people call home while they are in Mississippi serving those in the area. Over the last week it has become home to our team and we have been very blessed during our stay. The Camp bears the marks of many of those who have stayed before us and will bear our logo for those who stay after us to see.HelenI learned that there are many other brothers and sisters in Christ all over the country that are faithfully serving in Mississippi.YoshWhat got to me, was how friendly everybody was to each other.DarylWith all the stuff that is going on in the world today, I've learned and remember that there are still many people who love Christ and others.HildaI'll remember having lots to read on the wall. Watch out for bed bugs!SteveIn the midst of Camp Victor's hodgepodge decor, inconven…

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Today we were blessed with rain in the latter half of the day. As a result we had to come back from the work site about an hour early. It was a blessing from the Lord; in that we were able to relax a bit more than usual as a team, and spend some quality time together.Our day though it was cut short was filled with fun as we continued to build relationships with our supervisor Jamie and our Americorps workers, Joel, Mike, and Steve. We were also blessed to meet a volunteer college student named Mariah. A few highlights were: finally finishing the deck, getting the roof to pass inspection, and the awesomely cool and breezy weather (pre storm)Please pray for the weather, it is threatening to rain tomorrow, which will prevent us from continuing our work at the site. Pray that whatever happens we would do what God desires us to do with our time tomorrow. Pray also for our time at Antioch, that we would each individually receive from the Lord what he desires us to get on this trip. F…

Day 4 Pictures

Forth day photo slideshow

Fellowship Night

Its fellowship night tonight; that mean's its time for us to head over to the Shed for some awesome BBQ and fellowship with some people we have been privileged to get top know on our trip. This year, Dave, our supervisor from year one will be joining us, as well as our current supervisor and the three Americorps people. We will also be taking a few of our fellow volunteers as well. Please be praying for our time at the Shed, for the fellowship, that we might be able to share Christ's Love with those there, and that we would be able to get to know our fellow workers a little better.Pictures and more thoughts up coming later tonight. We got the shingles today and we'll begin the roofing process tomorrow so be in prayer for those who will be working on the roof as well.

Day 3 Pictures and Video

Third day photo slideshow and video

Lessons of the Day

Today instead of posting a boring summary of what we did today, which was mainly finishing the work we started yesterday. Everyone on the team completed the sentence, "Today I learned..." Mathiasto put up scaffolding without falling.Helenhow to use a jigsaw and circular saw. It was pretty fun. At first, I was really afraid of them, but I'm thankful for my teammates who encouraged me to try it.Yoshto use a power drill, how to be patient and learn to follow directions from Joel. (supervisor)Darylthat it takes a heck of a lot of nails to nail a roof down.Hildathat even I can use a saw.Stevewhat takes me 3 minutes at home, takes me 15 mins here.Mothat I could be on a roof that is two stories high.Carolthat PE=1/2Kx^2 is the formula for the velocity of the hammer head.Ronthe Lord has taught me about focus regarding working and on Him.Frankhow to skin knuckles...its easy!Joyhow to use a palm nailer and that the round thing is called a bolt.As you can tell we have a variety …

Day 2 Pictures

Second day photo slideshow

Job Site Day 1

First day on the job. Our construction supervisor is named Jamie, we also have three Americorps assistants: Joel, Steve, and Mike. We are working on three houses, all of which are in various stages of construction. The job site is located just east of the 110, for those of you who have been before. For those who haven't its about 5 minutes from the beach, just east of the Biloxi lighthouse. All the houses are on 10 foot stilts.
Steve, Jamie, Mike, and Steve Today we split into four sub-teams:Mo, Mathias and Daryl worked on attaching hurricane straps to keep the roof attached to the rest of the house in the event of a hurricane. They also put up scaffolding around the outside of one of the houses. They worked with Mike, who is from New York and is a second year volunteer with Americorps. Mike is in charge of getting the House roofed. He promised to catch anyone who is about to fall off the roof, including Daryl.
Mathias and Mo setting up scaffolding. Helen, Hilda, Ron, an…

First Day on The Job

Back safely from the job site. Everyone is showering, we're all safe, just a little dusty. Weather was awesome, thanks to the Lord for providing. Steve barely broke a sweat, that was mainly because he was King of the palm nailer, but also because the it was cool and overcast all day with only very very light rain. More to come once we all clean up. Over all very good day. Praise the Lord.

Day 1 Pictures

First day Photo slideshow (updated!)

Lunch at Cafe New Orleans

We found it! We found the Cafe New Orleans, it was the place that last years men's team went for lunch on their first day. We really enjoyed having some "Country Cajun Cooking"

The greeter

Joy was one of 6 team members who had the sampler

Carol and Yosh had the Po Boys

Frank had a shrimp salad

Shrimp Po Boy

Pork Chops and red beans and rice


When we got to the rental place there were only 4 cars left, so we got the leftover cars. As you can see the drivers were very un-happy with what we got. Ron got his very own Cadillac Escalade!
(Steve thinks that Ron will want his one when he gets home)

Daryl is riding secret service style in a black Chevy Suburban

Mo is racing along in a Cadillac CTS All joking aside we are very blessed that the Lord provided so much space for us. The Lord truly provided some awesome cars for us.

On the Ground

We've landed safe and sound. The team is a little tired, but happy to be in Biloxi.

First Stop

We're safe in Houston. Brief layover before completing our journey.

Coed Team is En Route!

Coed Team at LAX With all 11 team members and their respective MSG (Missionary Support Group) members in attendance, the first-ever Coed team met at LAX.Pastor Kyle prayed over, and then encouraged each of the team members, reminding them that this is not necessarily about putting up walls with hammers and nails, but a time to bless others with their efforts. Each person was encouraged to stay focused on trying to "listen" to God throughout the trip not only for opportunities to share the love of God, but also to experience it for themselves as they serve.Men from previous and the upcoming Katrina trip were present to bless, encourage. Chris, who will be returning to Biloxi in a few weeks with the men's group, said he was not there in an official capacity, but remembers how encouraged he was when he was sent out for his own trip. It was important to him that this team knew how much we supported their efforts.Returning team members are Team Leader Mo (All previous trips)…

2010 Support Letters and Response Cards

Sorry we didn't post this sooner, but here are the Support letters and Response cards we sent out earlier. In case you missed it, you can click on any of these to view/download them.Click on the following if you'd like to see the: Co-ed Support LetterMen's Support Letter And if you'd like to support us in prayer or otherwise... here's a
Response CardWe thank all of you for your support and care. We'll work hard on your behalf, and for the Glory of God. This is so much more than just hammers and nails, it's about building lives, communities and hope in Christ.

Tminus 3 Days and Counting...

The co-ed team will be on site soon...we'll be posting starting Sunday (4/18)

Coed Team Leaves This Weekend!

The Co-ed team, led by Mo and Carol Nakatsui, will be flying out this weekend (4/18/10).If you can, be part of their commissioning service at our church, Evergreen SGV during the 11am service. you can find directions and more at www.evergreensgv.orgFor those of you well wishers that would like to see them off at the airport, they will be gathering Sunday evening at about 9:30p at the Continental Terminal at LAXLook for us near the check-in area!

Pretrip Thoughts From Helen

This is Helen's first time on the Trip. She is one of the 4 Ladies on the Coed team.
Hello everyone. I'm really excited for our upcoming Katrina trip next week!For many of you who do not know me, I'm a 3rd-year PhD student at USC studying pharmaceutical sciences. My everyday task consists of testing the thousands of chemical compounds we have in our lab in human cancer cells. I do a lot of pippeting (mixing small amounts of chemicals together), plan different experiments, make proteins and DNA and sometimes spend months writing grants asking for funding.I'm glad I will be taking a break from all that and doing something very different in Katrina. Though building homes is not part of my training as a student, I know that it is part of my training as a Christian.When I was talking to a coworker about my upcoming trip and what I'll be doing, she said jokingly, "now if this PhD thing doesn't work out, you have other trades to consider." I was thinking ab…