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2010 Men's Team-Day 6-The Return

Time at Antioch House.After a great night's rest at Antioch House, we had a home cooked (and partially volunteer cooked) meal, then ourour last meeting as the combined teams. After some songs of praise and worship, Pastor Jon led us in a time of Communion, reminding us that the mission doesn't end when we stop hammering, but the work within and towards others continues. ... Waiting it out in Gulfport/BiloxiKyle's Welcome back

Day 5-Additional BuCams

Return to LA

We're back.DelayOur first of two connecting flights was delayed due to a mechanical problem. There was a chance that we would have to reroute to Orange County/John Wayne six hours later. There was a chance we'd have to split up Lifesong and Evergreen, and even some within each team. But in the long run, we made it, all together, all on the originally scheduled flight.That was interesting, running through Houston's terminal. I was going to put the Bu Cam on Bu as we ran through the terminal, but was afraid that it would look a little odd for a bunch of guys running through the terminal, much less with one with a little electronic thing strapped to his chest.Interesting note: On the way to Gulfport/Biloxi, Jonathan didn't check in any luggage as his luggage could be stored in the overhead. But since the smaller plane for that last leg had limited storage, they would check it in at the gate.On our return home, when we found out our first flight was delayed by 45 minutes a…

Flight Info - Made The Connection. Same Flight, Possibly a Few Minutes Late

Running through terminal to see if we can make connection.Let's see what happens..Lifesong are guys younger and taller. We're taking escalator.If we can make it, plane leaves in 5 minutes.Okay. They held the plane.On board. Arrival of continental 137 flight will be just after 4:00pm scheduled time.Fellow next to me says that they never hold planes for him. Explained how 20 guys came to work for habitat. He said it was a good reason.See you soon.

Flight Info Part 1 of 2

Our outbound flight from Biloxi to Houston is leaving a little late, and there is a chance we won't make our scheduled flight to LAXWe will keep you updated.

Important Flight Info! Our Flight May Be Delayed and/or Rerouted

Our outbound flight from biloxi is delayed and there is a considerable chance we will be delayed and/or rerouted to a different airport in the so cal area.we will post our flight info as we find more informationthanks!

Day 5 - Last Day on Site

Sigh. Last day on site. Was a wonderful, glorious day. Many things happened, and for the most part, outside of our control.Team T-ShirtLike many of the groups before us, we left a team Tshirt, this one with our name tags clipped on, much like our CoEd team that came a few weeks prior.We also put our names on the wall aside our Coed team, and prayed for the facility before we left. The day started out with Craig K.'s devotional, but due to time constraints, and I guess, God's design, we had our devotional at the work-site. We shared the moment and prayer with other co-laborers before we worked.We also presented site leader Brad with a baseball cap we brought from L.A., representing the San Gabriel Valley affiliate of Habitat. The RainSince it was our last day, we ordered pizzas for ourselves, Lifesong and all the volunteers and crew. It was a warm humid day, and we were grateful for the cloud cover as we put the felt/tar paper on the roof, to make the home waterproof.Little did w…

Day 4 - Mandarin Church

Yes, we do work. We also take a ton of pics. But you might see as the days progress, there's more work and less pictures.Recap of the dayStarted out the day with a special inspiring speech from our site manager, Brad. He's a gifted, charismatic leader, and we pray for him every day. With as much talent and potential, we hope he's able to use it wisely and can hear the voice of God speak to him.Here's a video of his Martin Luther King impression, but more importantly, is the content of how we start our days...
We continued working on the one house, continuing the roof and doing some interior work, but we also continued to divide our forces, working on another house's subfloor preparation, as well as some significant framing of a third house with SpikesJonathan, one of the main videographers, was rolling around on the subfloor (ground) to do some work today, his shirt got quite a bit dirty..
The framing continued now that the subfloor had been built on Spike's ho…

Day 3 - Shed Video...

The ShedWhat had originally started as our team dinner, per the suggestion of our site manager, we ate at The Shed, a local BBQ restaurant. Three years later, it's much more than just grabbing some baby backs. It's our time to hang out with our coworkers, leaders and new friends.It's a nice tradition, and a nice time to get to know each other. Our combined teams (21) had about 14 other guests, making it quite the BBQ party.But more importantly, it was a nice time to thank our leaders for the time and effort they had invested into us over the last few days.The guys are the ones holding down the fort. Week after week, long after we're gone, keeping the rebuilding effort going, while we're home sleeping in our own beds, with our own families.Many of them come from Americorps backgrounds, and the sacrifice they have made professionally and personally to serve is quite humbling.We are continually amazed how many people come to serve, without the benefit that we have of …

Day 3

Sigh, how many times have these posts started out with "It's very late?"It is late.. Lights out ended half an hour ago. The permutations of this trip are so great. As the days have rolled on, we continue to ask ourselves "why are we here?"Not because we don't understand that we're here to Serve God. Not that we don't understand that we're here to build homes... but we constantly are evaluating how we get to interact with those around us.Tonight, we had the opportunity to break bread with those we've co-labored with. What started out in year 1 as a simple outing for BBQ, has turned into a nice tradition to dine with those we work with.It was nice to get to know them at a more familiar level, but also to hear about their personal lives and keep them in our prayers. They're doing a difficult work with the rebuilding effort, and we want to be part of their support. We'll have more photos of them and more from today.... Hopefully we'l…

Day 3 - Some Videos

Once again, here's some videos (some more are on the way) Kelly Trimming the Roof
Gary and Art lifting (heavy) sheets up to the roof
Roof work
The house is wrapped with an insulating styrofoam
Beginning of day...
Art's Sliver...
To fully enjoy the next video, you have to have first seen the original..

How's it Going Steve?
BuCam Day 3

Day 3 - Short Day

We've hit the midpoint in our journey.Kinda nice hearing the guys from both teams talking with the Mandarin Church folks. Talking about scaffolding and local things. The guys are hitting their stride now. Everyone's pretty comfortable (again) with the tools, the roof, and the amount of work that we're putting out.It's a lot of labor, but for a good cause.Oh, here's the Bu Cam from yesterday..

Day 2

Once again, we'll have more videos when we have more time to edit them, but we'll give you what we've got for now :) What are you thankful for today? Peter – I am thankful not only for a hot shower, but also a place to come back to after work. After seeing the WLOX movie last night about Katrina, I am thankful for my life after seeing all the destruction and lives lost in the hurricane.

Jonathan – I am thankful that the weather is not hot, it was cooler and cloudy and made the work day bearable.

Bryan – I am thankful that Gary stepped in, saving my witness and made me gave in to Greg.

Tommy – I am thankful that God answered Lifesong’s prayer for cloud cover.

Craig W. – I was thankful for a good night’s sleep due to Keith’s earplugs.

Craig -- I am thankful for the opportunity to pray for Calvin, a Habitat Staffer who visited the job site today.

Kelly – I am thankful that our Americorps worker Tommy took our advice and went to the doctor and so I was able to take some time t…

Day 1 - First Day On Site

It's late.
It's the first night of our first day of work.
The team is gelling quite well, and despite some hiccups in yes, the trusses again, we'll be back on track tomorrow.

(Note: Year 1, we had to re-do the trusses due to a measuring problem we had.. this year, there were measurement problems, and a little mis-interpretation of the plans)

We love our leadership crew, headed up by Brad, our site supervisor for half our Men's team last year.

There's much to tell, but we're a bit sleepy. Try to give you some highlights

Separate from Lifesong. We're working on a site two doors down from Lifesong. That works out extremely well. We get to see them, their progress (which is quite impressive) and let them work and bond together. But we're still neighbors..

We received a house with all the walls put up, and spent the majority of the day putting up the trusses and gables (the triangular wooden structures that hold up the roof).

Tomorrow, the Evergreen t…

Day 1 - On Site

It's been a long dayPlanning to build houses, while exciting, is less strenuous than actually doing so....There's much more to come, and we'll update, but for now, wanted to show you some videos..Leaving for the work site

Arrival at the work site

Hammering, nailing..

We had a camera that we wore while working. Hopefully to give you a taste of what it's like to work on site. One of our first camera-wearers was Brian/Bu.So, here, for your enjoyment is the Bu-Cam

Day 1 - First Day On Site

Good morning Mississippi!It's 7:37am, and the temp has climbed 2 degrees to 79 in the last few minutes.As Tommy said, we're not complaining, just making observations. :)Okay, for those of you that follow from previous times... we have Brad as our site manager. Spikes will be working with some near our site too.Lifesong and Evergreen will be working on separate, but nearby sites. All in the areas we visited yesterday, close to where we worked last year.Roofing, walling look like the agenda today.We thank God for this opportunity to serve.More later tonight.PS, just passed the 605 while on the 10, feels oddly familiar....

Day 0 - Arrival

GoodbyesMoments after we said our goodbyes in the LAX check-in area, with leader Craig K, giving many long goodbye hugs to wife Laura, the team moved through security.It seems in years previous, we had more time (and more seating space) in the waiting area than this one. Perhaps economic demands have required more full flights. Evergreen and LifesongFinally, the full Evergreen and Lifesong teams met face to face. It was at that point we realized about half of the combined teams had never been to Biloxi before. It was nice to see the new faces, and there was something special about having a bond through shared faith, and even a shared church lineage. Craig's idea of self-introduction was to state your name, profession, number of years coming out to Biloxi and whether or not you snored. Guess where most attention was paid....Lifesong's team was an eclectic gathering in age, size, profession and life stage. On average, we were older and shorter (Jonathan's presence can only o…

Men's Team Departing From LAX

On the plane, about to leave LAX. We had a mini meeting with the Lifesong team.13 men from Evergreen left LAX, joined by 8 from Lifesong.The lifesong team includes 2 firefighters and 2 law enforcement professionals. We're intimidated... well, at least I am :). Don't worry Evergreen, we'll try to represent you well...Thank you so much to our supporters for joining us for prayer and a very encouraging send-off, including our recently returned coed team, as well as Chris C. Chris had the difficult but very understandable choice to stay at home to support his wife during the loss of her father. As much as we all wanted him to come, family does come before ministry. Our prayers are with his family. If you can continue to pray for our team as we venture forth in faith.A total of 90 team members and supporters from both EvergreenSGV and Lifesong came out to LAX to send the combined Mens' teams. With encouragements from Pastor Kyle, and team lead, Craig K, we tried to keep…

Men's Team Commissioning...

With the recent return of the CoEd team, a week later, the second half, the Men's team is commissioned.After a brief introduction by Team Leader Craig K, Pastor Kyle prayed over the team.We were told to line up alphabetically. We did. By last name. They introduced us by first name.Measure twice, cut once.... :)Pics of the Commissioning