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2010 Leaders Summary

From 2010 Men's Team-Day 5-Live

Notes from Craig Kakihara, leader of the 2010 Men's Team...

Pictured here with Calvin Harris, the HFH construction driver for whom he prayed at the job site....

After three years of leading Evergreen men to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, one question I am frequently asked is “How was this year’s trip compared to last year? Usually, my answer is “Every year is different.” However, one thing remains the same: God always gives me reason to thank and praise him.

1. Praise God for safety on the job sites –only one near miss as Peter, by the grace of God, was spared from falling off of the roof.

2. I thank God for team unity and the commitment each man made to ensure that this trip was all about Jesus and not self.

3. Praise God for people who received prayer from our team – Kathy, a future homeowner putting in sweat equity, received prayer at the job site. Calvin, a Habitat for Humanity construction staff member received prayer that God would contin…

2010 Coed Team Compilation Video

Thanks to Frank for putting up this look back at the Coed Team's experience in Biloxi!

Once again, you can click on the video to make it full screen

Coed Team 2010 from SGV Habitat on Vimeo.

2010 Men's Team Compilation Video

Here's the video that we used at today's presentation. Very moving. Thanks for putting it together, Gary!

If you're viewing this, it looks even better full screen (you can double click on it)

All Work & All Pray from SGV Habitat on Vimeo.Evergreen SGV ( Katrina 2010 Men's Team Final Presentation video. Summarizing the mission trip of 13 men in partnership with Habitat For Humanity of the Mississippi Gulf Coast (

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2010 Men's Team-Day 6-Bu Cam

Strapped the BuCam on Bu for our deplaning. Was nice to show you what it's like to be greeted by our supporters, and especially his family :)

SGVHabitat 2010 Men's Team-Day 6-BuCam-LAX-720p from SGV Habitat on Vimeo.

2010-Men's Team-Reflection from Jonathan

`It's been a couple weeks since we got back, and in some ways, it seems as if it was a year, some ways it seems like it was yesterday.

When we returned, there was much to do, including assimilate back into our "normal" lives.

Sorry it took so long to put this up, but here's Jonathan's Note:

Jonathan, an active member of Evergreen SGV's young adult group, Converge, was a first-timer for the Mississippi team.

As well as working in many capacities on the team, he also served as one of the chief videographers (and commentator). He started out kinda quiet, but by the middle of the trip, he was quite chatty. He said it was a function of getting to know the guys.

In response to Tommy Y's question of "what is one word that summarizes your trip?"

Humbled - I am humbled by the way the Habitat/Americorps workers dedicate their lives in serving others. They have made a decision to signficantly change their way of life, move to a new state, and earn a very…