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2011 Team(s)! We've got three of 'em

Okay, it's been a few months since we had finished our last trip to Mississippi, and we've grown in some spiritual, some waistband, and some numerical ways.

We will be sending three teams to Mississippi this year, and the prayer letter is going out soon.

1) A 1-week Coed Team;
2) A 1-week Men's Team, which will fly out the week immediately following the Coed Team, and;
3) One additional Men's team which will stay in Mississippi for the span of both weeks.

One of the hardest parts for us in our trips has been working with the Habitat staff, only to leave them after just a week's work. So we're hoping to have more time to get to know and support them by staying through a second week.

We just had our second planning meeting since the teams have been announced, where we were assembling our information/prayer letter.

If you'd like to download a copy of our prayer letter, click here

Here's our team photos, and then a video introducing you to a few members…