2011 CoEd - The flight home, a new friend.

Carl with Lisa, a new friend the team met on the return flight
Divine Appointment

Flying from Gulf Port to Houston the CoEd team made a new friend on the plane. Here's Carl's notes: 

Lisa is a remarkable individual and she inspired me.  Our plane ride back to Houston was a divine appointment … not a coincidence, as some would think!  Lisa grew up in Sacramento where her parents live today.  She finished her education and found a job and purchased a condo in the San Francisco area.  However, she felt that God was asking her to sell her condo so that she can be mobile and able to move wherever God called her to go.  Lisa is currently working to help administrate at a non-profit missionary organization to help out against trafficking children from Nepal.   
So here’s where our encounter begins … the monies from selling her condo assisted her to take numerous trips to New Orleans/Biloxi area. She has worked with Habitat for many years and built homes from laying the foundation to completing interior work on homes.  

Lisa was flying home from a conference for prospective new teachers in the New Orleans inner city.  She desires to do God’s will in her life and is reaching out in faith even if it means leaving family & friends for a season.  She has a godly heart and desires to know where God is leading her.  If accepted into the teaching program, she would leave the SF area and move to New Orleans in September.  Confirmation would come if she were to be accepted which she should know very soon.      

The Katrina co-ed group prayed over Lisa to support her in her desire to become a teacher, asking for God to use Lisa in a very special way.  She has such a testimony and caring heart for the children in New Orleans.

Please pray that Lisa will get into teaching program at Mississippi.
Pray that God will continue to guide and direct Lisa. 
Pray that Lisa will grow in confidence of God’s will for her life.   
Pray that Lisa be used by God to assist children.
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