2011 One More Work Day

It's coming to a close. It's surprising. As a member of the 2-Week (yes, we know, 14-day....) team, we arrived with the CoEd, had one day of solitude, and one more week with the Men's 1-Week team.

During that time, it was fun, moving, task-oriented, familiar and new.

At the half-way point, while we were saying goodbye to one team, and awaiting another, yes, the thought of "what did I sign up for?" entered a few of our heads. Working on the house for 2-weeks had a physical cost, but being away from home and work for twice as long was hard. But today, as we were working, it was hard to believe that we would only be seeing this home and our friends for one day more.

Pretty much, all the siding has been done, save the front of the blue house.
More surprising is the amount of drywall put in at the green house. They really moved fast. It's getting there, and we'll see what tomorrow holds.

One of our teams was working on this really quite pretty design element, above the porch. We're not sure who designed it, but it really gives the home character and style.

And yes, the A-Team as they call themselves, of Bu, Jeff H and "Ninja" Glenn did a lot of caulking today, which is a necessary, but unsung, job. Bu was working in the back of the house, by himself, paying painstaking detail to the job he had taken on. Caulk on his fingertip, filling in holes that some others might pass up. He said in a voice so boisterous, it betrayed the honesty beneath, that he was working for the Lord, and wanted to do a job of excellence. As much as we kidded about it, his detail to the small things was admirable.

The center was ours for the evening, as the Thrivent folks have gone home.

We're packing up, loading the cars tomorrow, then leaving from the work site after we pray for the houses, then going to Antioch house, now a tradition, for our downtime and debrief. It'll be a busy day.

We're coming home soon.

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