Before we go, something Lorin wanted to share...

Lorin will be 50% of the female contribution of our CoEd team. She's coming on the trip for a the first time, and wanted to share some of her thoughts..
Just a word of praise.  I remember during one of our meetings that someone said that we should be sharing with others about our upcoming missions trip.  Well, it's easier to do with friends, but I had an opportunity to bring up the upcoming Habitat trip to Biloxi while visiting with my doctor.  
A few weeks ago, I dropped a container of frozen food on my foot and after the bruising went away I noticed that there was still a small lima bean sized bump on top of my foot that was causing pain.  I put off going to the doctor as I didn't want to hear any bad news that might prevent me from going, but after a while I figured I was in denial and needed to find out before we left, whether or not the bump could affect my health.  (Being diabetic, I need to be careful about foot injuries.)
Anyways, it turns out that it's a ganglion cyst caused by the impact.  I can have it drained when I return.  But the neat part is that I was able to share with my doctor about the Habitat trip and it turns out that she is a Christian and wants to hear about how the trip turns out.  She also mentioned that she was looking for a church with a growing career group.  I referred her to one of our branches and am praying that she will come for a visit.
Praise God that he gave me this opportunity to share and it wasn't as "scary" as I thought it would be talking with a relative "stranger."  I'm not always sure what I should be saying and shy away from talking with someone about God-unless I know they are Christians.   Praise God that through studying his word and prayer that he's making me bolder about sharing the gospel.
Another neat thing was receiving a sign of confirmation from the Lord that I'm learning to obey and hear His call.  This past week a verse in James came to me about becoming complete in faith.  I decided to add something about that to my original children's message.  It was a blessing to hear Pastor Kyle give his message about the James passage just a few minutes after our children's message.  I felt that it was the Lord's confirmation to me that I'm at least walking in the direction he wants me to go.  I sometimes feel doubt and wonder if I'm doing what God wants, or am just going through the motions.  Kyle spoke of satan's attack on our thoughts and I felt like that was so applicable to things I've felt. 
Thank God that we have a loving savior who graciously guides us and plants people and his word into our lives so that we know that we are walking along his way.  I keep looking for those "breadcrumb" trails to make sure I'm on the right track.  In this world there are so many false trails and attractive temptations that if we are not familiar with God's word we can be so easily sidetracked.  I need to remember that we are not of this world and that our treasure is not here, but in heaven.  When I stand before the Lord and the white throne judgement I pray that I will hear the words, "Well done."