Day 10-More and more

For those of you who care about the technical stuff (i.e. the CoEd team that can more clearly visualize what we're up to..)
There were four teams today.

a) Green Front Porch crew: Mo, Tom, Ron working with Denise
b) Green house drywall: Jeff L, James, Craig, Richard, Kelly
c) Blue House siding: Gary, Chris, Tommy, Roy, Ken, Peter, Steve
d) Ninja caulking crew: Jeff H, Bu, Glenn

We're guys. We're trying to be relational, but man, do we like to work.

But as diligently as we worked, we tried to interact. There was a lot of fun, a lot of interaction, and the vets kept trying to make sure the newbies were comfortable, because they sure seemed capable.
The weather is slowly returning to "normal," which means, hot and humid, but the guys seem to be managing it well. Fortunately, half of our team is working indoors or under an overhang, with the other half working under the shade of a tree for the morning hours, or caulking the siding, which is pretty exposed.

Ah, the caulkers. The jovial, vocal caulkers. It's an unsung job, but somehow Bu, Jeff H and "Ninja" Glenn seemed to be making it fun and exciting. However, we must remember that last week, Esther was doing the unsung job pretty well without the support of two other men....

Work was good, and then it was a time of hanging out at The Shed again. We were pleased to have Rick and his daughter join us, as well as Ken's family, Dawn, Elizabeth and Paulie. From the Habitat side, we had Brad and Paul, with the lovely Denise as well. We do have to say, they do clean up rather well.

The stories were fun, and sometimes touching, as Craig and Ken share similar stores about how to care for their wives in this particular season. Stories of volunteers and volunteering, motorcycles and relationships were shared over the BBQ. Oh, and speaking of which, due to them almost running out last week, we pre-ordered/warned The Shed of how many BBQ "rubs" we would be ordering.

Oh, also, we found out that Habitat made the news, and not in a good way.. .but it turned out well... Someone's been stealing their tools, but they were caught.

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Katrina 2011 05 19

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