Day 2-Working with St. James

If anyone ever ever ever gives me (Peter) a hard time for going to Walmart again... I will remind them of this day.

I actually needed to go to Walmart for ... something... and was going to have Tommy drive me. But it turned out they needed two cars because there were over five people going. When everyone gathered to get in the cars. There were over nine people, so I declined, but over nine people? We only have fifteen on the team.. :)

St James
St James is a church from Pennsylvania, that we've met before while serving here. Today we had the privilege of working side by side with them on site. Our siding and paint crew got to work with them closely. Cindy was a crowd favorite, as she, normally a hair stylist, proved to be one of the most energetic and height-friendly volunteers, climbing to the top levels with Kyle, Bart and Chris.

Roy was working John and Mike, Gary H was being apprenticed by master chop man Gary M.

It was a good, and productive day. It's nice to see a house that's almost to completion, locking doors and all. In speaking with site manager Brad, we found out that Gary M's video, "All Work, All Pray," is being considered for a volunteer video competition.

We continue to understand our role includes exhortation. On the first day, we met several people along our journies, including a homeowner of the house we worked on last year. It's a rare, but beautiful experience. It's hard not to take it personally and be prideful, but we turned around and looked at the house that we saw built in three days by contract laborers, and it helps keep us grounded.

Brad and Denise are really like our family now. Not only because of our fondness for them, but also because we share faith. They inspire and humble us, we try to let them know how much we appreciate them. It's been encouraging to see them grow in faith.

Line for the day:

Lorin excitedly called home to tell her son, "I learned how to use a nail gun!"
He replied, "You got your nails done!?!"

Lorin was kind enough to make everyone at the Center, "Pineapple Princess Pies." They were delicious. She stayed up late last night making them for today.
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