Day 7 - Arrival of 1-Week men's team, and work at New Life Disaster Relief/Biloxi Christian Church

The men's one-week team arrived safely. We did a similar tour that we had with the CoEd team. Conner's Garden, where we left a card for Kathy, the woman we spoke with last year; Biloxi Lighthouse and Pier, Katrina memorial, CoEd team's site of last year; lunch at Cafe New Orleans, then back to our temporary home. The 1-Weekers then went to the Habitat office for orientation, and the 2-Weekers went to work.

The Pier, a place where many fish.
While at the pier, we had the opportunity to meet a couple of folks, Sean (sp?), who is suffering from a serious condition, as well as his friend Tony, who followed the fishing industry to Mississippi, but had his home was flooded by Katrina. We have to remember that even though his home wasn't entirely submerged, the damage was devastating. We were able to pray for them respectively. On the way off the pier, Gary M spoke with Dave, who was smiling ear to ear. Dave explained that he was a Christian, and was strongly encouraged by our willingness to pray for folks that we were just meeting casually.

Work Day
Biloxi Christian Church is celebrating paying off their mortgage with a mortgage-burning celebration. Ken, our facility director, thought it'd be a nice idea if the church looked a little more spruced up for the celebration. We did gardening, painting, performed some minor repairs including fixing baseboards, windows and a deck.

Now, we're minutes away from our evening devotional

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