Day 8-First day of work for 1 Week team.

Sorry guys.. we're really sleepy.
Perhaps it was the first day on the job.

Here's a thumbnail of the day..

  1. Jeff L did the devotional today on letting his reflection be a better representation of who he is on the inside (letting Christ move in us and be more of our identity)
  2. Jeff L's car wouldn't start. Please ask for the details, you might get different answers
  3. Jeff's replacement car is a minivan, so we're driving one less car now.
  4. Brad welcomed us, putting the 2-weekers among the new guys to have them run different sections
  5. A few of us worked with drywall for the first time.
  6. Hillary, a volunteer, brought us some white and dark choco chip cookies. Some of us had a few too many of them, they were excellent.
  7. Apparently the 1-week guys bring more munchies than the CoEd team.
  8. The 2-Weekers felt they hit the ground running, where the 1-Weekers were still in a haze from the red eye flight
  9. Had a brief catch-up meeting
  10. Celebrated Uncle Roy's Birthday, less out of actual date, but more out of tradition, with ice cream. Ate at "Quake's." The weird thing is, I think he treated....
  11. We'll try to have more later, but we tweeted some pictures this morning. You can look at the link to twitter above to help you.
We'll try to have more later, but we're beat and sleepy :)