Day 9 - Newbies getting the rhythm

It's day 2 on the work site with this team. You get to have just a glimmer of what it must be like to see teams come and go. Brad, Denise et al are greeting and acclamating to the new crew, and you realize just how good they are at it, much less adapting work assignments for unknown crews. You get a little more understanding of how much an individual does contribute to the whole, and how much the ones keeping each house moving really are Brad and the rest of the Habitat staff.

Brad really does view this as a war against poverty and unaffordable housing. He's a smart, idealistic and charming guy, and I'm sure he's said those words many times before, but it's also quite apparent that he has meant them before, and means them today. And he invites you into the battle with him. It's sad that as Brad makes an inspiring, fresh speech, I've grown a little too familiar with him and take him for granted, wanting to get to work. Then I realize that I have to appreciate him in the moment, as the good leader, good man and good inspiration he is. Check and re-check, I'm back where I'm supposed to be, in the moment.

The Work
We attacked the siding with full force today, with three teams working on siding on the two homes, and a whole 'nother crew working on the interior with the drywall. A lot of our own team hasn't known the others all that well, and we're getting to know each other as we work together. As the housing, car rides and work details allow us to see more of the true character of each other, we learn to love them a little more.

Resuming similar teams and tasks from yesterday, there was less training and trepidation than the day before.

Actually, although there haven't been any incidents of conflict nor strife, I also know that some people that might have preferred working with certain others, I see unlikely pairings of the guys working together, and working together better than I would have imagined.

The good good weather
We can't believe how good the weather has been.
We actually broke out the sweatshirts in the evenings and in the morning going to the site.
But we're here for more than just hammering nails (or putting up siding). We're going to our devotional meeting in a few minutes. We're watching some of our video. Hopefully we'll get some of it up this evening.

Devotional Richard did double duty for guitar and the teaching last night. (Chris has been leading us in our singing every time we meet, with Carl helping us on guitar last week, and Richard for this week)
Richard spoke about being able to love people beyond our own means. Maybe not necessarily "difficult" people, but just people that we are difficult for us to personally extend grace (emphasis on our own efforts, not on the other person's situation). And how sometimes the best method is trying to love them with all our heart, and with God's heart too. We discussed how sometimes we do it based on our own abilities, but humbly putting our own agenda and feelings aside enough to let God extend to others.
Brad and Paul were kind enough to join us for our devotional/small group time last night. Able to pray for them with more intention, and mutually encourage each other.

Chris C really wanted this picture of Bu eating some ramen out of a large pot posted for you..

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And a video from the last couple days...