Gary H's note from the second night

Gary H at the Chop Saw
After arriving to Biloxi in the morning of 5/9 we took a drive in the Mississippi gulf coast to see the devastation aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  It was an eye opening experience to see so much damage that Hurricane Karina inflicted on so many people's lives and so much property damage.

We made a stop at a pier and at the end of the pier we approached a guy named Brian who happened to be fishing.  I sensed from God that he wanted me to talk to him. Although I do not really know a lot about fishing I struck up conversation about fishing.  Then the conversation became more personal about his work and his life.  Although we didn't "officially asked if he has accepted Jesus", we told him why we were here in Mississippi.  Our feeling was that when we had to leave, we planted the seed.  My hope and prayer is that we planted the seed and that somebody that he will encounter later would reap the benefit of him someday receiving Christ.  I emailed my MSG to pray for him.  I thank God for taking me out of my comfort zone and approaching individuals I do not know and striking up conversation with them.  I pray and hope for other opportunities like this
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