Katrina Day 3-The Shed

The Shed

An annual tradition, we took the team and some of our new friends to The Shed, a local BBQ place. We weren't aware that a live rock band would be performing in the patio area where we usually sit.

Scrambling to find a more quiet place to eat and talk, we finally ended up in not-so-much-quieter patio, although it did afford us privacy.

Our Guests
Joining us where Chris M, a fellow volunteer from Chicago, Brad our site supervisor, and Paul, our supervisor from last year, now working outside of Habitat.

The meal was good as usual, but the fellowship was sweet. In Christian circles, you'll often hear that phrase, "the fellowship was sweet," but it really was. It was beyond exchanging laughs, stories, jokes and enjoying the company of good friends... We spoke about our lives, meaningful things, and how God has been present in our lives to bring us to this place in time. The mutual sharing was humbling and encouraging at the same time, all being (almost) shouted across a table of ribs and BBQ chicken.

This furthered our relationship with Brad and Paul as brothers, as family. Not only because we share similar values in trying to help rebuild Mississippi, or even attend churches with the same Bible, but because we share a sense of seeking God, meaning and peace in a life built on trusting a very faithful but often unseen God.

Chris joining our group was even better, as she had gone from being a nice volunteering woman who traveled down to Mississippi alone (flying to New Orleans and driving from there), to now a friend, and now someone we could pray with.

Our Purpose
Being here renews, restores and energizes our faith, while we try to do the same to the local community. But it's not about us. We're all trying to see what God is doing in the midst of the Mississippi Gulf Coast region, and then trying to see where we fit in. We're grateful that there's a place for us here.

Oh, and finally, there was a nice touching moment in the parking lot, where Bu had an opportunity to talk with one of our friends who is on the road to possibly proposing. His words were encouraging, honest and heartfelt, and then he prayed a blessing over our friend. It was humbling to hear his heart extend care and hope and responsibility to our friend, especially praying for a spiritual covering over him.

This trip is way beyond just hammering nails.

This is about growing our loving family. And loving them.

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