Last Day.... Mosaic, flight home, except our luggage...

After our night at Antioch, we left right after breakfast to attend Mosaic.

When we arrived, we saw best bud Brad (in his "Newsies" outfit--sorry Brad, but we gotta call it as we see it...)

Although half of us had only been here once, the week before, it seemed almost like home. Matt, who had worked with us the day before on the job site, showed up as well. He had recently moved to the area, and was looking for a church and we invited him to join us at Mosaic. He was very moved because the first worship song we sang was his favorite, he felt it was a sign from God. Very cool for God to move through the music that way. It was funny that as we were walking away, we heard Brad saying to Dustin, the Sr. Pastor, "No, it was the asian guys that invited him.." and laughing.

Gary and Peter toured the extensive Childrens' ministries area, which is partially within the Skating Rink building that Mosaic uses, and partially rented space in a gym two doors down. The site is incredibly friendly yet secure. Jessica, the Family Minister, gave us a tour that encompassed not only the physical and logical aspects of the Kids' area, but really shared her heart for the kids, and how to connect them and their families to Christ. It was an added treat to see our Habitat bud Denise working with the kids.

The message was on Colossians, and really matched up with our efforts to reflect God in our attitudes and lifestyles.

We went to the airport, and found that the flight was full, with one of us on standby. Fortunately, no one had to spend the night, and we were able to fly out as a group.

When we touched down at LAX, we were greeted with a roar of cheers, as you can see in the video below...

Hugs, tears and smiles were shared with a group so large, we could have been our own church.

Unfortunately, we found out that all of our luggage had been delayed, and would arrive later that evening. Deliveries were made to our home the next day, Craig details this in one of his reflections..

But whether it was the work on the site, our friendships with our Habitat staff, encouraging Matt to try out Mosaic, or even coming up with a list of all our cell numbers, we're just trying to listen to God, do what we're supposed to do, and trust Him for all the rest. It's a big world, He's a big God, and the way it's all orchestrated is beyond the scope of our minds or imagination.

The more things happen, and if we can just get a glimpse of Him at work, then it reassures us to trust Him for the rest. And that's a lot of what this trip was about. We trust Him for taking care of the Mississippi Gulf Coast recovery, to take care of our friends there that we've met, and to care for our friends and family in our absence.
God is good, even when we don't realize it.