Note from Esther: God is Love (spending a day with Britney)

Brittney, her daughter Ayanna and Esther

On Saturday, we got the privilege to work with Britney. Esther, on her first Biloxi trip, was one of the people working with her the closest. She wanted to share some of her thoughts...

God is Love.

Today is Saturday, our last working day at the job site. It was a bittersweet day as the trip is coming to an end. I thought it was only going to be both our teams working at the site today, but when we arrived, another lady joined us. Her name was Brittney and her family lost their house from the Katrina Hurricane.

I was very excited we got to work with her today! She has a 1 year old daughter name Ayanna, meaning “beautiful flower.” She currently lives with her parents, with her weekdays filled, working as a Pharmacy Tech and going to school. Best of all, she is a believer! She even invited us to go to her church tomorrow! Awesome!

Today, she completed her first 8 volunteer hours! She needs to complete a total of 100 hours and also take around 12 classes that will assist her with this process. Out of the 100 hours, up to 40 of those hours can be earned from family and friends, and her dad is excited he gets to help out!

She said she was very fortunate when the hurricane happened. By God’s grace, she and her family was in Washington DC attending her sister’s wedding. All the flights were delayed for her return for almost 2 weeks. Her neighbor, however, witnessed it all, and even floated out of her house! The flood was around 8 feet high and it happened real quickly. Her parents did re-build their home, but now she’s trying to get one herself! She has a real positive attitude about this process. Recently, she just went to her first class and was thrilled and excited what else she will learn in future classes. She has a kind and gentle spirit and was very helpful doing and assisting whatever needed. She was glad she came out, wanting to use all the skills she learned for her future home. Her mom, Karen, and her daughter stopped by for a few minutes during the day and I felt even more touched meeting her daughter.

By the end of the day, we are able to lay hands on her and pray for Britney! The Co-Ed team also sensed that God wanted us to help her financially. She felt really touched and blessed!

God works in mysterious way and this was a tremendously great experience for me. Throughout the week, I felt I lost focus and kept concentrating on building these houses. After praying and meditating on Kyle’s devotional (teaching) on 1 John 4:7-11, my eyes opened. God is love and we are to extend this love to others. This mission’s trip is not just about hammering nails or putting up siding, but it’s about ministering to those around.  God is good and brought Brittney to the job site. Although it was only 8 hours, but it was a great 8 hours of working together, chatting with her, and being able to connect with her. Hopefully she felt the love from us and was very blessed how we chose to come and help. Please continue to pray for Brittney for the other volunteer hours and classes she needs to complete! Also pray that the process in getting a home will go smoothly!
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