Note from Lorin: "God Instances"

Chris M, Esther, Lorin at The Shed
God definitely has a plan.   I came to Biloxi expecting-but not knowing what to expect.  This week, God showed me in many ways that He has all the details worked out. 

First, I met Chris M. from Chicago and had a chance to work with her on Wednesday and got to know her.  We both enjoyed each other's company and as Chris M. was joining the team for dinner on Thurs. someone rearranged the seat "assignments" in the cars so that Chris and I could ride to The Shed together.

Next, Bu noticed that we'd made a "connection," so he volunteered to trade job assignments with me for Friday so that Chris and I could work together again.  (Thanks Bu, sorry your sacrifice meant that  you had to clean up rat poop.  You were a blessing to your "honorary mom.")
Chris spent the day cutting and hauling siding with me and we had a great time.   We would not have had a chance to bond if:
  1. we'd both chosen not to come work with Habitat
  2. we'd both chosen different weeks
  3. we'd stayed at different camps at night
  4. we had not switched car rides
  5. if Bu didn't take a "bullet" by making the sacrificial trade
These, along with a few other personal events led me to see that God's hand had orchestrated all these details and that they were not merely coincidences but were God instances.  In the process of all the sharing, Chris and I both felt blessed by each other's presence here in Biloxi.  Neither of us wanted to go home and we felt it was the Lord's divine appointment and provision that we have this time together.  Chris shared that she  felt covered in an unconditional love by our Katrina team.  She even joined us in our worship and small group time.

We loved having Chris join us and she later mentioned how lucky we were to have our church and the love of the people there.  She feels that the Lord is calling her back into a deeper relationship with Him and she credited our team with having a big part in that decision.  Please pray that the feeling Chris experienced will continue to encourage her and that she will find a church group that will bless, support, and continue to encourage her.
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