2011 Presentation Video

Thanks much to Gary M for putting together another fantastic video/slideshow for the year. We had our presentation this weekend, where we saw the premiere of the video. Gary was up into the wee hours of the morning putting it together, and we appreciate his efforts.

More on the fantastic presentation that Esther put together later, but in the meantime, please enjoy...

Meet Pray Love from SGV Habitat on Vimeo.
The final presentation video of the Evergreen SGV Katrina 2011 Gulf Coast Relief Mission project.
Title screen - Ken
Music selection - Peter, James, Jeff L.
Photo post-processing - James, Corbin
Editing - Gary
Photos - Team members
Executive Producer - God

Presentation Speakers
You can watch the entire presentation, including our speakers, below by clicking on the videos!

If you can't see the above widget, you can see part 1 at http://vimeo.com/25207695 and part 2 at http://vimeo.com/25214764
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