Reflections from Tom

Tom I, part of the men's 1-week team

Tom has served on Missionary support groups for Mississippi before, but this was his first time going himself. 

Our church motto is "Loving God, Loving Others, Make a Difference." I truly believe that the Lord allowed our team (Mens Only + the 2-week team) to "Make a Difference" during our stay in Mississippi last month.

There were numerous instances, but one of many instances the Lord impressed upon me was when He allowed a fellow brother in Christ to cross our path. His name was Matt. On Saturday, the last day on the Pascagoula jobsite, we were all having lunch together (Evergreeners as well as the other Habitat volunteers.) During lunch, the Lord brought to my attention one of the volunteers just walking around; I felt the Lord say "Go speak with him." So out of obedience, (but this also was forcing me to "step out of my comfort zone”") I went to speak with him and found out that he had just recently moved to Biloxi about 1-1/2 months earlier after growing up in Chattanooga, TN . Before relocating, and not really knowing anyone in Mississippi, he prayed and prayed about this move and he eventually felt the Lord wanted him in Biloxi. So he took a "step of faith" and moved. This is a lesson the Lord taught me - to listen for HIS voice (speak Lord, your servant is listening), being obedient and "step out in faith" as Matt did.

Matt had a job in Biloxi, but did not have friends or a church home for support and fellowship. About a week after arriving in Biloxi, he signed up as an HFH (Habitat for Humanity) volunteer and was given a date 5 weeks into the future and in addition, he was assigned to our worksite in Pascagoula. I believe the Lord provided me as well as our team with a divine appointment.

We co-labored, shared a meal, and had great fun/fellowship and then near the end of the workday, about 8-10 of us had the opportunity to lay hands and pray for him and pray a blessing over him. Knowing he didn’t have a regular church home in which to worship, we extended an invitation for him to join us at Mosaic Church the following day; a church where the co-ed team as well as some of our HFH brethren worship.

At the conclusion of service, as we departed for the airport to return home, one of Matt’s parting comments was that he came to help and bless others in Mississippi; but he found that he, in turn was blessed many times over by our team.

For myself and for many others on the team, it was quite a blessing to meet and minister to a new friend and fellow brother in Christ.

As an addendum to this, after worship service that Sunday morning, a few of us noticed that Paul, one of the guys we introduced Matt to, appeared to be taking Matt’s phone number. We found out that Paul later called him and invited him to Mosaic’s Men’s group and a Sunday evening bible study. In a subsequent email conversation I’ve had with Matt , he said "seemed as though I found that home church I was looking for. Love to watch God work! Tell everyone I said hello and thanks for the prayers……Y’all seem to have a direct line to Him."

The Lord had a plan for us to meet Matt that Saturday, and He also planned for us to attend Mosaic Church Sunday morning. All Praise, Honor & Glory goes to Him.

Tom praying for Matt