2012 Last Team meeting, Children's message and commissioning

Millie, James chowing down
on Stonefire grill
that Mo and Carol picked up
so the team wouldn't have
to scurry around for our dinner 
Pastor Kyle stopped by and gave
an impromptu devotional (mini bible lesson)
while we ate. It inspired and focused us
This is a busy time. Easter was just a week ago, taxes are due, our church is having a conferencing on parenting next Saturday. Oh, and yes, we're flying out in 8 days, April 22nd.

So when Tommy reminded us that we had a team meeting, Friday night, the question was "what are we going to discuss?" "Team Bonding Time," was his reply.

Friday night, our last team meeting
It's the last time before we depart to go over some practical matters, make sure the newbies know what to expect....

We shared a meal, Pastor Kyle (Katrina alumnus) stopped by and gave an impromptu and timely devotional (brief bible teaching). We prayed for each other and blessed the first timers and the women on the team.

Craig had the "vets"
pray for and bless all the women
and the first timers
But more than anything, it focused us as a team in purpose, unity and prayer. We are representing God and our church members to bless others, whomever they are. As Kyle put it "before telling people about Christ, we're trying to BE Christ" to them. The big picture for this project is to combine efforts with the ongoing work of Habitat for Humanity to provide low cost housing.

Sunday morning, Children's message and Commissioning

Instead of having a separate church service for children, we like to incorporate them into the general service. One of those ways is to have a special time of our service for a mini-message just for the kids. This Sunday, Gary M led our team in a fun and informative teaching.. (Video below)

2012 Children's Message

Pastor Victor prayed for the entire team, and our MSG (support groups) stood with us and blessed us.
It's touching having family and friends stand with us, and reminds us we do not make these efforts on our own.

We're one week away!
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