Day 1-Work site

Saw our old friends Brad and was like coming back to family.

Brad greeted us with a big hand painted banner, and a trumpet blare of questionable skill.

It was a great way to start the week.

We're working on a special kind of house. Habitat has always wanted to use energy efficient options in their homes. It saves the environment, but also saves the homeowner costs as well. Leeds is a special energy rating system for structures in the U.S. We're working on such a house.

It not only goes over the construction materials, but we learned this week, it can also have to do with the construction site and practices. We're being encouraged to use less plastic bottles (we have our own water bottles) and are creating less waste.

Brad goes over some of the aspects of the home in this video (thanks to Art for shooting it, and Gary for editing it [from Los Angeles])

We got to work with two women that are staying with us from Northern Mississippi, Diane and Tomme (pronounced "Tommy"), and we're learning a bit about Southern Hospitality.

We also got to meet Miss Jackie and two members of her family, J and Demetrius. Miss Jackie grew up about two blocks away from here.. and has seen the neighborhood go through a number of changes. She thinks it's on its way up, and hopes that she'll be considered for this home when it's finished.

Some other videos from the day..

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