Day of work at New Life (Videos)

Was a long, hot day, but one where we didn't work at the Habitat site, so instead, we served by working at New Life Relief Center, our home while we're in Biloxi

We trimmed hedges, painted buildings, did minor repairs... and tried to stay cool...

We met Jim and "Nannie," a couple that, we'll say, Uncle Roy called "Uncle and Aunt." they referred to Roy as "Just starting out. They've come to relief Habitat builds at least 13 times. 4 times at this site. They have experience, heart and a spiritual perspective that really energizes, convicts and compels you. They keep trying to get their friends to come to a Habitat build because "once you get the bug, you won't stop."

They joined us for our worship/devotional time and even requested a song. Craig led a heartfelt devotional on being vulnerable and honest before God, and we all prayed for him, even Jim.

It's truly amazing coming across country and meeting new people that share the same passion for God, restoration of areas that are damaged, and restoration of people's spirits.

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