Good morning.. 2012 04 30

We're not going anywhere
We're staying right here...

Mondays are non-work days for Habitat. But we don't get the day off. We're trying to make the most of our time here. So Mondays we're working at the site where we stay. New Life Disaster Relief is the non-profit organization that provides our housing. We actually live in/at a church building, Biloxi Christian Church, which is leased/borrowed/used by the non-profit. So we'll be paintin', trimmin', fixin' and restockin' this place on this "off" day.

It's a really good day to hang out with Ken, the director of the organization, and his family, as well as give back to the place that has offered us low cost temporary housing while we're here to build low cost (permanent) housing.

We're talking about how different organizations and agencies responded to Katrina, how some of the new builds have slowed down, but how there's still a lot of work to be done in the area. Volunteerism has dropped off as the years since Katrina have passed, but there are still groups that come down. Apparently EvergreenSGV is one of the longer committed groups. Ken seems to have a heart for spreading the love of God in ways practical and spiritual, seeing that they go hand in hand.

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