Good morning day 02

After a morning devotional by Gary H, we're on our way. He taught about how running a mile under 4 minutes mile was once considered an impossible feat, but since it has been broken, has been passed at least 18 times. His encouragement was that somethings that once were extraordinary slightly more commonplace and we take them for granted. Access to the Creator of the universe through prayer, is something that we should appreciate more.

Speaking of prayer... there was a group of four women visiting from Pennsylvania, who are making their way where they feel that God calls them, praying as they go. Today was the day they were led to the same place, and we were mutually encouraged, in fact a few of us received prayer from them.

Ken, our host, talked about how important he finds for all of us to pray, where people came alongside of him at various times in their life for prayer and support. How often people, including himself, overlook the importance of frequent "common" day-to-day prayer.

Steve's Stairs
As we drive out to the site, Steve's discussing the best way to drop 1/8" from each of the "stringers" (the zig-zag patterns that we rest the stairs on). Saw? Router? As realization falls over Steve, there's a chance he and Millie might have to re-do their work from yesterday... We delight that Millie will have another opportunity to experience patience and grace working with Steve.

*update* on arrival at the site, we find out that Brad was kidding steve about being 1/8" off...
Steve calls Brad a "turd." Millie lost sleep last night over having to redo them... :)

Tonight, we've been invited to dinner from the affiliate. They said that we've been a loyal group, returning year after year, and they want to thank us. Plus it's a nice restaurant! We look forward to meeting the CEO of the affiliate and some of their staff. We're going to eat a little bit lighter at lunch so we can partake in this aspect of Southern Hospitality...

Okay, on our way to the site. We moved Roy from this car so we could wait for Millie and Steve could receive prayer. When he leaves, he asks, "you going to miss me?" I reply, "of course." "Aw nuts, see yaaaa!" he laughs as he exits....So today, we run the music a little louder in the back...:)

Thanks for your support.

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