Good morning, it's day 4

A morning devotional from Kenny (that's the second in two days) and we're on the road. Kenny spoke yesterday about how working on the underside of the house was teaching him that even in the things that one would think were unseen, details are important. Today in retelling of a horrific auto accident involving his daughter, where she was able to come home that night "without a scratch," even though her car was crushed to half its size. As important as it is to pray, that in this case, he had not specifically prayed for his daughter's safety before she left, yet God is still watching over our lives. We must be vigilant, yet trusting.

This morning, Uncle Roy will be giving a devotional at the job site. Unfortunately, the printer wasn't working right and he doesn't have a copy of what he was going to say. I'm praying for him. :)

Steve just chastised Uncle Roy for waiting til the last minute. I love this car.

As we head out to one of the last days of work for the Coed team, we reflect on this week of great service, fellowship and opportunities. One of the team members said they were trying as much as possible to be outward and go out their comfort zone. This is a main reason why they came to Mississippi. I'm proud of each of their efforts.

In the meantime, enjoy this video where James found a machine at the entrance of Aunt Jenny's Restaurant.

From Katrina 2012 04 25

Uncle Roy saying grace..It's noisy, but..

From Katrina 2012 04 25
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