Good morning to day 1 of work

On the road to the first day at the worksite....

Roy is curious if the minivan has a volume control between the front and rear speakers. "Perhaps you should use it...." The van breaks into laughter. Steve says Roy should be more direct...

"Hey Peter, people really liked it when Pastor Cory led worship the other day...."  (where we just had the Sr. Pastor leading our singing a capella, without the usual band of electric guitar, bass, drums, etc.)
We interpret that means he wants a volume control at church as well.. :)

We discuss and pray for Steve's wife's safe return from Malawi. She returns from mission tonight. We discuss another team's mission to Asia later this year.

They say the church is not a building, but the people. This is true, the church is not a white minivan in Mississippi, but the fun, love and heart shared in this car.

James led a convicting morning devotional about a time where he was less than completely polite with a telemarketer, and his daughter was within earshot. He confessed to her that it wasn't the nicest way to be with him, and his daughter agreed.

The mission began with our hearts and behavior before we ever stepped on the plane, or even packed our fist bag, and will continue after we return.

He encouraged us to recognize and revel that we are the light of the world at all times, not just on the worksite, and once again, the theme of blessed to be a blessing returns.

Thanks for your support.

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