James' Gospel Boots

This will James' first year
 going to Mississippi
James will be joining the Mission to Mississippi for the first time, and serving on the 1-week Coed team.

He shares his perspective as he prepares...
As I was going over my “suggested packing list” for the upcoming spring relief trip to Mississippi, under the category of footwear, I saw that “work boots” was listed. I’m one of those guys who likes to have appropriate footwear for any activity I’m engaged in, whether it’s running shoes for a marathon, cycling shoes for cycling, snow shoes for snow shoeing, lounge shoes for lounging, and work boots for working. I guess you could say I have a shoe fetish. I’ve been wanting some “work boots” for a while now but since I don’t really do any real work, I couldn’t justify spending money on some work boots other than trying to make a fashion statement.
As you could imagine, I was pretty happy when I came across the packing list and immediately started looking online for some work boots. I was eyeing some pretty nice Red Wings but at $250 a pop, who was I kidding. I eventually did buy some new kicks and the break in process has been interesting. The first pair I bought turned out to be too small after the painful realization that they weren’t going to fit even after countless hours of wearing them around the house and eventually outside; a big no-no. I didn’t want to be “that guy” who returns used tires to Nordstrom’s so I bit the bullet and purchased a new larger pair. I’m happy to report that the new pair are breaking in wonderfully and look quite nice, if I do say so myself, especially with some skinny jeans.
So what have I learned in this process and how is this preparing myself for the relief trip to the Gulf Coast? I came across the armor of God lesson from Ephesians this past week and I couldn’t help think about my bipedal ordeal. Eph 6:15 reads, “and, as shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace.” This is an excerpt from my BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) notes to help clarify: “The specific piece of armor is not mentioned, but probably it means boots or traveling sandals. The soldiers’ feet must be equipped for movement, for long marches, for sudden attack, and for carrying us from place to place where we need to speak to others about Jesus. The feet are at all times equipped and ready for any emergency and any opportunity. Probably the emphasis on readiness refers to a state of alertness and a spirit eager to spread the gospel.” When I read that I thought, hey, that’s suppose to be me! A spirit eager to spread the gospel and ready for any opportunity. Well, I have the boots to physically get me there and I’m continuing to pray for the Holy Spirit to lead me there
“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace” (Isaiah 52:7)

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