Kelly's reflection on a transition

Saying goodbye as the girls return
Kelly works in a supporting all of the team, making sure we have everything we need, and Brad can give a direction and that it'll be followed up. He saw everyone excelled in their job.

The first week is almost over and the most standout thing so far for me is being able to watch Pam Fong and Millie Liao working together. Brad, our site supervisor gave the two of them the task of making and installing all of the window sills (the ledges at the bottom of the windows) starting on Thursday morning and they jumped right in never having used any of the tools they were going to use yet proceeded with confidence and boldness. What a team. They probably don't know how inspiring they are to me.

I'm so proud of them and proud to say that I am a teamate of theirs. Be sure to speak to them about it. Also, if you get a chance ask Carol Nakatsui and Lorin Lew about the green colored caulking. The weather got warm and humid by the end of the week but everyone stayed in good spirits. I'm sad that the first week is ending and the co-ed team is leaving. The Lord has blessed all of us with the fellowship that we have been having while still being able to serve and help others. I hope when Craig and Gary come out on Sunday evening the we can continue.

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