Last day on site for the Coed team

Car chat update:

Turn on the radio, and it's on some news station. Tommy asks what kind of playlist do we want.

Roy: "This is good too...."

Tommy: "Sure, we can leave it on here..."

Steve: "When the new guys come (in a couple days) we'll have to switch cars. Have Roy ride in another car so we can play whatever we want...."

Roy: "So I can bless another car?..." he laughs

Last night
Last night, we had devotional time after our piping hot lasagna dinner and piping hot showers.

Miss Tomme and Diane joined us for our time of worship and teaching. Paul (Habitat) came and brought two friends with him, Melody and Brad (not brad from the site)

Art taught about how cheering someone on really encourages them, spurring them on to the goal, ending with the blessing of a song that served as way for the entire coed team to bless our guests and the other half of the team....

Miss Tomme, Diane and Melody joined the women in one larger small group. Paul and Brad joined one of the mens' groups. In reflection, hearing how God is working across all these different lives is very comforting, hopeful and vulnerable. Having never met each other, we are joined together in songs of worship, blessings and shared hope in the same God.

Uncle Roy and everyone else went to Bop's for frozen custard to keep the streak continuing

This morning
Some of the men changed rooms last night, as we'll have to relocate out of the church, so it return to its primary function, a church, this weekend.

Pam taught this morning on how we possess spiritual gifts, like hospitality, gifts, teaching etc.... yet how we often claim a "lack" of that gift as an excuse for not exercising that role. She gave the simple, practical example of "giving." There are some that have that as a spiritual gift, where they can be joyous and extremely generous in giving.... yet we are all called to give or tithe, regardless if we possess that as a "gift." It was a short, direct and both encouraging and convicting teaching, and a great way to start the day.

We're almost at the job site, and hope to go for a prayer walk/drive after we finish work today.

We'll sorely miss Miss Tomme and Diane....

Once again, want to thank Millie for contributing to James' great photos yesterday...

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