Last day on site for Coed

So tired.. long day.. people worked hard.

We were joined by two partner families and two local SeaBees (which we learned was for Construction Battalion). We were split into tasks: Stairs in front, baseboard inside, trim caulking and painting (roof, sides), battens and post digging. James and Gary tackled digging a hole, filling it with concrete. They ran into hard soil, obstructions and other complications along the way.

For lunch, we went to Bozo's, a local restaurant that we patronized last year, and enjoyed their po boys.

Had an extra long day with a lot of last minute work to be done to try and get it under the wire.

We prayed for the site, the neighborhood, and then Ken, our host, when we got home...he's been feeling really ill.

The women made dinner tonight, chicken curry. Much appreciated to have rice... it's been at least a week.

Brad and Paul stopped by and shared a meal with us.

we had our debrief meeting

Tomorrow, church at Mosaic, then a plane ride back home for 8 of us...

Please pray for their travels, and a couple of the guys had a few minor injuries...


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