Lorin up late to share of her first day at the work site

It's lights-out time at our housing center. Lorin stayed up, almost lost her writings and stuck it out because she wanted to write something on the blog for you guys.

Well, we are on our 2nd day in Biloxi and have finished our first day of work in Pascagoula. I'm blessed and amazed by the number of wonderful people here who are willing to volunteer their time and efforts towards this project. It's encouraging to see God working through the team and others so that His love is expressed in the work of our hands.

We are working on a special type of Habitat home. It's called LEED home and I think it stands for Leader in Energy and Enviroment Design. The home has some extra bells and whistles that make it energy efficient and that helps save the future home owner money and helps out the enviroment at the same time.

Our group worked on making stairways, installing doors, adding trim, completed a wall for a storage shed, made a platform for an HVAC unit, and stained boards for the deck. The weather is great! It's cool and a bit breezy and everyone is enjoying it.

We also got to meet the possible future owners or partner family. They currently live in the neighborhood and Jackie, her son-in-law Demetrius, and her nephew Jamarius all worked side by side with the team putting up. It's exciting and all went well. Even when Jackie lost her cell phone and was really bummed we were able to find it in the supply truck in the returned tool bag. She'd forgotten it was in there. She was able to return to the site and pick up her phone. She was relieved and could go home with peace of mind.

It's been great to renew aquaintances from last year and to make new ones. We've been praying for 2 new friends, Diane and Tomme, who are here for their 3rd year. They are praying for parents in their area to become involved with their teens at church. They'd like the parents participate with their children instead of merely dropping them off at the church. They are both wonderful hard working women who are trying to serve the Lord.

All for now. Lorin