Pam's joining the team! (Sort of)


This is the first year Pam will be coming to Mississippi. But she's been part of our support team as wife to Art, and friend/supporter to many. So we can't really say she's joining, because she has been part all along... This will mark the third married couple we have serving concurrently, in fact  Mo and Carol N will be on the Coed team this year as well.

I’ve had the opportunity to send several dear friends as part of this mission since its inception. It’s such an amazing experience to go to the airport and send teams off and be there when they return. It’s awesome to see so many folks come out. I’ve enjoyed hearing their stories of divine appointments, using a palm nailer, going to WalMart, working side by side with potential home owners, The Shed Barbeque Joint, overcoming a fear of heights, Brad’s (one of the Habitat foreman) inspiring Martin Luther King’s impression, going to WalMart, sharing meals with Habitat families, going to WalMart, etc.
Art and I talked about how this could be a ministry that we could serve together. However, the timing has never been ideal …there’s always been some excuse to hold me back. But it’s God’s timing, not mine. So after many years of sending, I’m blessed to be one being sent. And on another note, WalMart and I aren’t friends even though there’s a Super WalMart a mile from home. Who knows, maybe after this trip, WalMart and I will become better friends. After all, I’ll have to get my daily fix of popcorn or ice cream somewhere!
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