2012 05 01-Welcome Craig and Gary

It was a long day on the site.

First off, Jim and Shirley/Nannie work hard. They know their limitations, but they work hard, right up to it. Kinda like Uncle Roy, but maybe a bit more.

We arrived on the site to be greeted by Brad and Paul, warm hugs for Craig and Gary, and meet and greet with Jim and Nannie.

Jim and Steve, the hobbler, went to work on the stairs. All day, well, we had several job assignments, but here are the highlights:

Craig and Chris were tasked with moving the portapotty. We had to move it and the sign so that an electrican could have access. Without a blink of an eye, they went to work. You should know that it had yet to be emptied. Put (number) two and two together, and well, it was an unpleasant smell all day.

This dynamic duo was then tasked to go under the house and tack up some plastic sheeting. Somewhere in the process, Craig accidentally hurt himself. It looks worse than it is.

Hot hot day on the site, on the roof.

Finished the day and went to Quakes, to celebrate Uncle Roy's Bday with Frozen Custard. As usual, he treated.

Jim and Nannie joined us for Quakes, and had a good talk with them along the way, sharing faith and stories. They've been a good presence in our lives.

We're off for dinner off site, and will recap later, in the meantime, here's a video and some pics

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