Day is done, rain is gone, grit been washed from our ears

The rain stopped around 11AM.

We were able to resume work at our various places... and eventually the sun started to shine/beat down on us again.

omg.. we're leaving in a second for dinner...

we'll update this same post in a few hours. check it in a bit..


Back of the porch (the James-I'm-not-gonna-dig-those-holes-under-the-deck area), worked on by about half the guys at some point today but mostly Steve with Jim. It was interesting listening to Steve interact with Jim, wondering how different it was than his partner last week, Millie.

Sarge/Coach/Kelly doing his usual valuable support position, but also helping Brad sort out the scraps and place them in the eco-friendly Bag-dumpster. Later on, providing musical accompaniment to our fearless leader (see below)

Mo and Chris putting up facade over the porch, working and fixing and tuning a planer in the process.

Tommy, Roy and Craig working on interior hardware: closet organizers, door handles/locks, etc. Check the day's clip to see how Craig was being the human stud finder... no jokes please.... Also, after they put on some of the hardware, they found it was the wrong color and had to take some of them off.

Gary and Peter working underneath the house, continuing Chris and Craig's work on the barrier to prevent ... unwelcome animals from nesting in the crawl space.

Miss Shirley/Nannie working on trim, painting and more.

Met some locals and old friends.

Annias came upon the site today. Tommy stopped to talk and pray for some of his ailments. Turns out not only has Annias lived in the area since '66, and we found out he is father to Miss Jackie, the partner family that we have worked with most over the last couple of weeks. Still not sure/confirmed that she will receive this house, but her family sure is hopeful :)

Calvin H, Habitat employee, dropped off some items. We have seen him for the last several years starting back at the Connor's Garden houses, where Craig got to pray for him. Today was his second day returning to work after being ill. He's been going through a lot of difficult times, including the recent loss of his wife, but he's back at work. Within a few seconds of requesting anyone on our team to pray for him, we had a group. We prayed, blessed Calvin and then just as naturally, returned to our other spiritual act, building a home.
Calvin with Craig in 2010
(Craig is on the right....)

Working with Jim and Shirley has continued to be an exercise in humility, we understand they are just fellow brethren to us, but their presence, work ethic, humility and strength (as well as Jim's booming voice) really can make them seem just a little larger than us.

Unfortunately, without James or Art around, and we have even less hands to work... we're shooting less photos

but we think you'll enjoy this...

Today's video compliation

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