End of the day. End of the week, end of the work

Busy busy day.

Started a bit late due to praying with Ken. (See previous post)

Worked all day with many SeaBees, one airman, one habitat employee, one ex Americorps friend of Brad's

The Seabees came with all their construction knowledge and helped knock out a lot of work. It was humbling how hard they worked, whether the task was great or small. We painted, stained, sanded, planed, hammered, connected, sawed various aspects of the house. Truthfully, there were so many aspects running concurrently, maybe the videos will help you understand.

We were able to bring the house to a considerably advanced state, finishing the all the stairs, their railings, the beams over the porch and the supports for the eventual screening for the porch. Indoor hardware was finished

But here's the interesting stuff.

This morning, Brad welcomed us, introduced the various teams and left time for us to pray or give any inspirational words. No one said anything. At first I thought it would be a great opportunity for us to speak, bless, etc., but no move by any of our leaders

okay.. truth is? i'm pooped. everyone's been in bed for at least half an hour, and it's our last day.

I'll update this post later, but I wanted you to see the video of our last day.

Not sure what's on there, but after meeting a bunch of people on the site, we prayed for the home, prayed with some of our colaborers, hopefully some will join us at church tomorrow. Tommy and Peter made Mabo tofu, "winging it," as Tommy said. We saw our old friend Loren, prayed for her and her life and then had our debrief meeting. We're all packed up (except for the computers), we'll load up the car, go to church, grab a goodbye lunch with whoever can join us, then on the plane, then back home to our loved ones.

Thanks so much for your support, even for the vets, we've grown as men. Our heart came to Mississippi and part of it will always be here. It's a strange coexistence having your heart in several places, back at home, here in Mississippi and the whole time, God is supposed to have our whole heart.

But we're mortal, we're mortal men.. and very imperfect.... As the years have rolled on, I've heard more and more honesty from each of the men. Sometimes about fears and phobias, sometimes about struggles and failures, sometimes about being really happy about something that would sound odd to someone who didn't share their faith. This trip, for some reason, I heard several men speak humbly and candidly about not always hearing God as distinctly as some others. The reason why I found it fascinating is that they still have a strong faith, experience God quite vividly, yet, are open to "hearing" God in their prayer life even more. What I'm trying to say at this late hour and I ramble is...

I'm surrounded by good men. Godly men who put their faith first, marriage second, family third, then ministry and job later...and if they're not perfect at it, they're trying to. They have the support of each other in their triumphs and less-than-triumphs. We love each other, even in our differences and sometimes lack of understanding each other. These men will pray for each other the same way they'd pray for a stranger, or friend and at the drop of a hat at that.

It's been an honor to serve with them as each grows into a more authentic and passionate for God.

Well, here's what you've been waiting for... :)

Tomorrows schedule:
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