Good morning, it's raining

There have been predictions of rain on the horizon, and they have come true.

It was pouring rain a moment ago, now it has broken and the skies are cloudy. Either way though, it's humid. Have we mentioned it's humid down here? Oh, well, compared to Southern California, it's humid? Yep. Humid.

The first week's moderate weather has changed this week to a heat that sapped the strength of every man into a van-sleeping volunteer, then today with the rain, we're reminded of the first year we came out here, when the framing was barely up and the job site was covered with water. That very same day of thunderous storms and pouring rain, then an afternoon of clear skies and rising heat. Well, that helps explains the humidity....

With that in mind, we don't know exactly what we'll be doing on the job site today. If raining, presumably, we'll be working indoors, much better than atop a tin roof in a thunderstorm. Habitat usually has backup plans for situations like this, even to the point of doing administrative work back at the home office. There's always the chance we'll be doing some touch up work in an existing home.

No matter where we end up working, we'll try to take heart to Kelly's devotional (his first!) this morning, to not only use all of our abilities and gifts, but use them as to the Lord. He encouraged us to try to move past doing a job "good enough" or saying "that'll do" and to approach our efforts pursuing excellence. Each member of this team has an unspoken contract with every effort of this home. There are so many nails, joints and other small elements of the home that we will touch, that no one will probably ever see again. But that's probably why it's so important to do them well, because we will be the last human that will know if it was done well, helping this home last a little longer.

Thanks Kelly, for that reminder and encouragement, and in line with Jim, we'll try "to make God look good today."
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