Katrina 2012 05 04

Second to last day....

It was a long and full day, with a beginning reminiscent of a movie: An inspirational devotional by two people (Chris and then and impromptu addendum by Ken), a morning charge by Jim, ending with a rounding, dancing chorus of "Amen," then rain, sun, and a goodbye to Jim and Shirley. We continued finishing work on the home, which could be finished within a month, then returned home, washed the grit, splatter and sweat off and had our evening devotional. Peter spoke from Acts 1:8-9 and that we never know when Christ will return, and we will never know when our last moments with anyone or anywhere might be, to sense the immediacy. Just like our time in Mississippi... we never know when we'll be back, when we might have the opportunity to meet the people we do, and we should act on it.

Craig had us reflect on our time here. We write down the names of anyone that we felt had an impact on us or we on them for the several years each one of us has served. The lists varied: some short, some long, some focusing on people we touched, some on people we served with. It was a significant exercise.

Brad and Paul and Brad (Paul's friend) where there for our whole devotional time, and it was...natural... We talked as friends, we talked as brothers, we spoke of casual things, we prayed with them. No agenda other than just being Christ, and being brothers to them. If anything has developed during these years on these trips, I think it is being comfortable in knowing God, and sharing God in tangible ways to all those around us. Immediacy, yet peace..

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