Last morning, last drive and we're late..

Last morning, last drive and we're late..

But for a good reason.

Steve did a devotional this morning regarding his ankle. It came about without explanation a week ago. With the hindrance, he has to balance the request from his wife to take it easy and recover with his desire to rely on God. When wandering through the desert, the people of God went through a period had no food, and He provided them manna. Every morning they received enough for the day...Steve's trying to rely on God's provision for each day, including his recovering ankle, so he's working diligently, carefully, but diligently.

Spoke with Ken, praying for his relationship with his kids. Three of the guys blessed him as a father to them.We prayed for Ken to be able to bless Stevie, as a father to a son. Sometimes these things make us run late and we sent one of the cars out first), but we have a spiritual role here as well..

74+ degrees according to the bank sign that we pass every day... for two weeks..

Video for yesterday's work...

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