Minstrels of mercy?

We're on the road again.

It went from cool to cloudy to non-stop raining. During that time, we packed up our tools to wait out the storm. Some of the guys worked under the decking on the posts. The rest of us stood around with a lot of ideas, opinions and other "helpful" chatter.

Coffee and donuts = fellowship, so we took our 10am break during this time and enjoyed the hot coffees went out to get. Stories of life and faith were swapped as the rest of the team were sledgehammering away in the background.

But now we're on plan B. Paul, our friend (and second boss) has a friend who recently lost his job and is relocating. Paul offered to paint his home so his friend can rent it out. Paul "put it out there" to see if we'd help, but he kept saying "I know you've already done enough for the Habitat home, and you don't have to feel obligated...."

Given that we can't work on the Habitat site today, we're more than willing to help Paul in his personal act of service, and it'll give us an opportunity to bless the home with our hands.

Jim and Shirley were only too eager to join us and are part of our caravan. Uncle Roy says that we're like a minstrel band, going from gig to gig.

Personally, when preparing for this mission, God said to be true to purpose, but to have no agenda. I'm glad that God's plans are good. I love this team. We are different, have different talents, personalities, but at the end of the day, we just (as Jim said) want to help "make God look good." It's our band of brothers (and sisters) and we'll take this show to the next place, the home of someone who could use a reminder that God loves him even though he might feel forsaken.
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