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2013 Team begins

This year, in the literal wake of Superstorm Sandy, we decided to split our efforts. We'd send two teams, one to the East Coast to help the Sandy Recovery, and another team to return to Mississippi.

Unfortunately, due to the planned timing of our trip, and coordinating with Samaritan's Purse, we were unable to secure a slot with the effort on the East Coast. Our volunteer team was composed mostly of Mississippi Alumni, and they were sadly disappointed. Our hearts go out to them, but most of all, to our fellow citizens still rebuilding from the distruction and disruption that Sandy caused.

In the meantime, we prepare to return to Mississippi. It'll be the last week of April, going into May. We'll be there for one week. 

If you would like to download a copy of our Prayer Support letter.. click here..

In the meantime, we have two newbies on the team. One of them, a spouse of one of our gone-every-time-team members, Steve

We'd like to introduce you to Shirley Ogata

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