2013 Day 0 - Gary's notes

Very tiring first day as usual.  Not much sleep and the weather is warm (air is not too bad but the sun is very strong).

On the second leg of the trip from Dallas to Gulfport, I sat next to a couple from Gulfport.  As I got to know them more, I found that the wife Pamela (shown looking out the window) is dealing with GI cancer.  She went into ER with extreme pain and they found large tumors in liver, pancreas, gallbladder.  It is inoperable and they cannot do radiation either.  She is going to the Cancer Treatment Center in Dallas every 10 days for chemotherapy and they were on there way back after treatment.

I shared Donelle's story with them and how God had planned them to sit there in those seats.  I inquired whether they had a support system and they said their church was very helpful.  I shared the verse I had planned for the devotional tonight which was Genesis 18:14 ... "Is anything too hard for the Lord".  They were very encouraging to me even though I could see Pamela was experiencing nausea and pain.

I shared the devotional tonight about being persistent as Abraham did not give up even after 25 years of being promised offspring.  The tag is "fork vs. chopsticks".  Giving up on chopsticks and using the fork.

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