2013 Day 1-Summary

Beautiful Day.
Great team
very tired

Arrival on the site
Went out to the site to see our friends Paul and Denise, and meet our other Americorps volunteer staff. The site is two houses away from our site of two years ago.

Kelly led us in a morning devotional, then Paul had us collectively decide our stretching routine, including Heang calling for Jumping Jacks. The Habitat staff had loaded toolbelts, but were good sports.

Today we put up a few walls, worked with Jack/King Studs for the window sills. OSB went up on one of the sides, and we got to learn a bit about Heang and tools. Watch the videos, that's all we're sayin'.

We'll let you see the photos and maybe that'll tell a story.

Visit School Ave Home with Miss Jackie
We stopped by School Ave, the site of the LEED certified home we worked on last year. We were just
concerned of invading her privacy. Once she saw us, she invited us in. We sent in a couple of guys with the women, and you can see the video on our other entry for today.

It poured like crazy today. Hope it doesn't tomorrow

Thanks for your support!

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