2013 - A prayer request at our last meeting before we go.

Now everything starts happening. Fast

Team in prayer regarding our housing

We had our last team meeting before we leave on the weekend of the 28th. This weekend, we found out that our planned housing has experienced some complications with our reservations, and we'd appreciate your prayers. At this time, our housing may have to be adjusted, but we'll know more in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, could you keep these dates in mind?

4/14, we will be presenting a Children's message during our church service. Steve and Millie did a dry run of it today, was informative and amusing.

4/21, we will be commissioned/prayed for by our church during the 11am service. If you're able, please attend, we'd appreciate your support. We'll also be doing a small lesson for some of the kids during their Church School hour

4/28, we leave, and will be flying out of LAX. We'll have more flight information, but currently we're planning to be at the airport at 8pm

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