A week to go, Commissioning and a Prayer Update

Prayer Update: We've secured our housing, and the plan is we'll be staying at a familiar place.. Praise God! We continue to pray to prepare our workplaces, studies and families for our absence in the coming week. Recently there have been airport delays in excess of three hours, and in some cases, cancellations. We hope that won't affect our flight, especially because there is a layover. We depart on Sunday Evening, the 28th Church Commissioning It's always an honor to be representing our church and our God. Our church, www.evergreensgv.org, takes the time to publicly bless us during our Sunday service. It keeps us grounded in our goals, not just to build and rebuild housing to those in the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but to try and have a spiritual impact as well. Supportive friends and church members come forward and place their hands on us, praying for us during service.
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