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2013 Brad's MLK speech

Brad doing his MLK for us one (last?) time on our last night in Mississippi, and thanks Gary for enhancing with the musical accompaniment..

We were mentioned in the recent HFHMGC May 2013 Newsletter

Last weekend was Mother's Day and at Habitat that is a reason for celebration because of our Women Build event.  You'll read below about the success of the event and you'll see why we have reason to applaud.

We've got lots of other reasons to celebrate as well.  Our affiliate, our staff and even a Board member has all been recognized recently for their good work with a variety of awards.  To say we are excited about the awards is an understatement.

Continuing this message of celebration, I would like to recognize the Evergreen Church volunteers.  This group recently completed a week of volunteering with HFHMGC.  For the past seven years, this group has traveled from Los Angeles to the Mississippi Gulf Coast to work alongside our staff and AmeriCorps members.  We thank them for their commitment to Habitat and we celebrate their tireless efforts in rebuilding the Gulf Coast

2013 Photos via facebook

Guess who made the cover photo for HFHMGC's facebook page?

that's right, Pam! :)

There are also two of the affiliate's photo albums available via facebook

2013 Evergreen album
2013 Women's  Build Album

2013 - Reflection from Tommy, the day after returning

Tommy has been on every trip we've made to Mississippi

As he returned to work today, he took a few moments to write to the team, and then allowed us to share it with you

If you only have 5 seconds to read this please wait until you have at least 5 minutes. These are some rambling thoughts about our trip and I hope that you’ll be able to lift up some prayers as you are reminded of God’s goodness and faithfulness.
First  - thank you all for your part in a glorious trip.  You each contributed  and I mean really contributed. The word the Lord gave me for this trip was freedom.  At first I thought it would be for me – that I would have a freedom to enjoy, minister, work, engage, worship and pray.  As it turned out I think freedom summarized our entire team.  We were able to freely obey what the Lord had us do.  Even when we didn’t, we acknowledged it, confessed it and freely moved on and obeyed the next time.  We didn’t abuse the grace given, but let it grow us.  I woke up early this …

2013 Day 6 - Return (with photos and video)

Our last day was one of goodbyes.

We bid farewell to our host family, the Wetzel's and prayed with them (as well as Molly the Collie) and once again, they voiced their appreciation for our continued commitment to come back year after year. They restated that the door is always open to us.

Mosaic Church
After a quick breakfast at McD's, we went to Mosaic for church and heard a great message on Depression from Pastor Dustin. It was a great balance of practical and spiritual support. From their webpage:
This weekend at Mosaic is especially important.

We will take a short break from Hebrews to talk about Depression. It seems to be on the rise both in our church and in our community. The Bible has much to say about it and there are great medical and psychological resources to help. We will share them with you this weekend in all three services. If you want to read the passage we will study check out 1 Kings 19:1-18.
We had a goodbye pizza lunch with Brad, Paul and Denise. The fellowsh…

Flight delayed!

Our flight is delayed 1:50 hours.
American airlines flight 2461Everyone texting their msgs

2013 Day 5 Summary

Weatherization at Samantha's Home

This really has come full circle.

On the way to our last work site for the week in Gautier, we passed near the very first home we built in Mississippi. We had a few moments, so we drove by.

It was nice to see it be part of a neighborhood, lived-in an standing strong, despite our learning curve at the beginning. It was poignant to be in a car with three people that have been here every year since we began these trips.

Miss Samantha's Home
We arrived at the home to see the crayfish mounds in the front yard. We had heard about this a few days ago, and most of us didn't believe it, so yes, we googled it. It's very bizarre to think that crayfish are in your front yard.

We unloaded the trailer and began our work.
-sealing ventilation leaks in the attic (hot, hard work)
-wrapping the hot water heater
-sealing/caulking other ventilation leaks in the home
-replacing light fixtures with more efficient ones (including Jeff and crew putting in anoth…

2013 Day 5 Video - our last day working

Thanks again to Gary for his video summarizing the day. We did weatherizing improvements again, this time at Miss Samantha's home in Gautier

2013 day 5 whoops

Blessed to be a blessing... make a difference... Leaving our mark. This wasn't here when we got here.... We just made a hole

2013 Day 4 - Gary's Video!

Enjoy the Gary Video of the day!

A lot of people in crawl suits to try and deal with the fiberglass... girls at Women's build and more!

2013 Day 4 Summary

Big. Diverse. Day

Women's Build
As mentioned before, Pam and Millie would be attending today's part of the Women's Build. Sending them off to get a ride with Denise was a bit like sending out our kids to their first day of school. We prayed for them and sent them out.

Turns out they helped in some pseudo-leadership roles, taking their skills that they had learned from the other team members over the years.

Interestingly, Millie was interviewed by the local news station and spoke of her faith

They had a great time and enjoyed getting to know their fellow workers, and they represented our team on the house we've been working on this week.

Miss Peggy and Miss Rhonda
The remainder of the team was split over two sites, Miss Peggy's and Miss Rhonda's

Miss Rhonda lives by herself in her childhood home. Her parents passed away close together and now she is trying to get her house in better shape. She is already energy conscious but with this weatherization program, she…

2013 Day 4 - Women's Build. Millie's on the NEWS!

News Story from Millie on News!

Starting Friday, more than 10,000 women across the country will lift up hammers and drills and help build houses for Habitat for Humanity. It's part of the seventh annual Women's Build Week, sponsored by Habitat and Lowe's. One jobsite is located in Pascagoula. Lowe's employees were part of Friday's mission. "For me, I like to help any way I can," employee Monique Stewart said. "And for a company to put up so much effort to help the community that's in need, to me that's a big thing." Several volunteers from Keesler were here to lend a helping hand, including Major Sandy McDonald.   "As active duty Air Force members, we always try and participate in community activities and so we decided to come out and spend a little time with Habitat for Humanity," McDonald explained. The women are also making a spiritual connection on this day.  Millie Liao is from the Evergreen Church of Cali…

2013 day 4 begins

Millie and Pam got dropped off at McDonald's for a ride from Denise for women's build day.....

2013 Day 3 - The video

As half the team is asleep, and four of the guys are screaming and groaning at the Denver/Golden State game...

We give to you Gary's video of the day!

All this and lunch too!
Also: Preview for tomorrow:

We're very excited that the Pam and Millie will be joining the Women's Build

They'll be working with teams of women in the local area on the build! It's a really exciting last minute development

The rest of our team will be split over two houses, doing the rehab of both.

2013 Day 3-Summary

Itchy itchy itchy

Another good day, this one at the home of Miss Peggy. Everyone here, is called "Miss..."

We were running a little bit early, so we drove past the old Connor's Gardens homes (where we had worked a few years ago). They've added storm shutters and gutters. Someone from Habitat said they were likely over half sold already. While we were trying to find the neighborhood, we accidentally went into another neighborhood half a mile north, with smaller streets, and comparable, but slightly smaller homes. The homes we built aren't as isolated as we thought.. a good sign.

When we arrived, Miss Peggy greeted us, and well, watch the video, which includes Heang's debut devotional. A good start to the day.

There were a few aspects to increasing the energy efficiency of Miss Peggy's home.

-Insulating every area that we could find. Around outlet covers, lighting fixtures, air ducts and the hot water heater.

-CFL light bulb fixtures and ceiling fans to dec…

2013 day 3

We are covered in shards of glass. Worked on weatherizing an existing home for miss Peggy, who made us a great  lunch with fried chicken and red beans and rice. Over half the team went into the attic to remove fiberglass insulation and seal loose air ducts. We're covered with fiberglass fibers and are itchy. But we're minutes away from our showers and a team dinner with our Americorps staff

2013 Day 3 start

2013 Day 2-Craig's meeting with Calvin

I was blessed today to be reunited with Calvin, one of our Habitat for Humanity friends.  Chris and I prayed for Calvin last year and I alone two years ago.  After experiencing the passing of his wife, Calvin was obviously in mourning and seeking the comfort of our Lord during our visit last year.  However, this year, his demeanor was much different.  Today, the Lord demonstrated his goodness as Calvin shared that God gave him a new wife, Kim, who he described as a nice Christian woman.  As Calvin shared about the joy in his life, he repeatedly acknowledged that God was good and despite difficulties, God helps him move forward day by day.  Calvin is selflessly providing for his new family; Kim, her two kids, and Kim's father.  Chris and I rejoiced at this beautiful testimony and seemingly renewed sense of purpose in the life of our friend.

To God be the glory for the great things He has done.

2013 Day 2-Video of the day!

Gary's Video mastery has produced another video for you..

Another blessed day of work on the job site.

Cut a little short due to continued rain but very productive day. The evening we were blessed at our worship time through sharing of testimonies, singing, and a communion sharing by Brad (our friend and supervisor from previous trips).

2013 Day 2-A good, but very very rainy day.

Site Called ahead to Paul to check if we were still on this morning. Storms dropped a lot of rain, but we were cleared for the morning.
Roy gave his devotional this morning, encouraging us to do all things for the glory of God. We put down the cameras and went to work....apparently without any morning stretches. We kept Heang away from Steve so that he'd learn "other" skills. 

Calvin While we were there Chris and Craig ran into Calvin, a friend we had met a few years ago. They had the opportunity to pray for him again. The threads of our lives keep interconnecting. The theme for this week seems to include seeing long term impact. Of a major storm's devastation, of Habitat's assistance in recovery, our friendships with people we've met every year. God continues to show us the big picture.
Buildin' and Workin' Trying to stay ahead of the storm, we raised almost all four walls, and began sheeting them. 

Rain Rain, go away The rain returned with strength. We…

2013 Day 2 End

We're driving back from the site

The rain knocked out a few hours of our ability to work a full day. But this is what our day ended up looking like.

We just finished praying for Americorps staff and then for the house

Not as many photos or video today. We were working and trying to stay ahead of the rain, being interrupted twice by storms.

Stopping by Quakes for our annual Uncle Roy Birthday Ice Cream.

Marie remembers us from previous years, and celebrating his bday here.

It's Very very very rainy...
All of our phones, the car radio just went to weather alerts...  there's flash flood warnings in the area

2013 day 2 last day on this house

We'll be splitting up to do energy saving work tomorrow.
Today is last day at this house.  Storm broke out. We're hiding under house.

2013 Day 2-Preview

Might rain today.
Was a crazy thunderstorm last night
70-light showers
77-likely thunderstorms